Today we would like to introduce Cindy Richards to our readers. Cindy was so nice to help us out and on our vacation planning infographic, and we are super excited to have had her input.

Below is an interview we did with Cindy, we do this so our readers may get to know some of the contributors on our infographics. Cindy is the editor of and she used to be a traveling journalist for the Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune.


Cindy could you tell me a little about and how you all got started? Well started in 2006, and it is owned by Kim Orlando. It is more than just a blog we have 60 writers, and we specialize in social media where we help companies increase their social media presence. In fact every Monday we host a Twitter party which is extremely popular, you can check it out on Twitter at #TMom (stands for Traveling Mom).

Our company also owns and

How did you get started in travel writing? Well my two kids are older now but we love to travel together and so it was just a natural fit.

What was the best vacation you ever took with your children? I have to say we rented a villa in Jamaica one year and that was great. Not only did we have a great time, but one of the ladies who helped take care of the villa was a laundress, so I came back from vacation with clean cloths…a mothers dream.

What is the best advice you could give to parents trying to plan a vacation? Have the kids help in the planning of the vacation.  Give them a day and a budget and have them do some research to find fun things which everyone in the family would enjoy on their special day. This allows the kids to have some skin in the game, and also do some research on where you and your family are going to be traveling to. We have done this with our kids and it has been a great experience.