I - Drive Nascar

Hours of operation

 Sunday: 11: 00.a.m-22: 00.p.m Monday - Thursday: 12:00.p.m-10.p.m: Friday and Saturday: 11: 00.a.m-11: 00.p.m

About I - Drive Nascar

The I-Drive NASCAR is the fastest indoor Go-kart attraction in Central Florida. This is an indoor attraction. Shine or Rain, joy is always guaranteed! Here you will find a pleasant atmosphere, full of adrenaline and fun with an advanced electric racing kart that accelerates everyone's heart. In addition to the speedy racing karts, this indoor attraction provides an entertainment area with a 4-lane bowling alley, more than 60 games, 3 pool tables, a fully equipped a restaurant and bar with a one hundred and eighty degree view of the racing scene.

The I-Drive NASCAR has reached in Florida Orlando to meet your speed needs. As the name implies, the I-Drive NASCAR provides entertainment seekers the opportunity to pick their fast electric kart & get off the official track as a driver. Each car is imported to the US from France, and offers a very different racing experience than other rackets of this type.

However, pleasure goes beyond concrete; The I-Drive NASCAR has several pool tables, a bowling alley & 60 splendid arcade games. For a lively meal when you lack running muscles, visit the indoor restaurant next to the track with a one hundred and eighty degree view of horse racing. With a dinner and lunch menu, this delay promises the relaxation breath you need after a walk.

All the tickets includes a run, a one quarter pound hamburger or a sandwich of chicken with french fries, soda or a bottle of water & 30 credit cards for games & bowling. Although I-Drive NASCAR invites participants of all groups and ages, all drivers must be at least 55 inches tall. Youth racers must be fifty five inches or older up to fifteen years old. The Adult racers are 16 years and over.

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I - Drive Nascar - Orlando Vacation


Run for real money, play for fun in I-Drive NASCAR with the Indoor Kart Race from I- Drive NASCAR you sit in the driver's seat of the SODIKART sector master. SODIKART RTX is the latest innovation from the world's leading manufacturer of go-karts. RTX is a new generation of electric karts that offers all drivers the best driving experience.

    • Game rooms, bowling and billiards.
    • Birthday parties, teamwork and spaces for private events.
    • 45 MPH electric kart
    • Full service bar and restaurant


Indoor Kart Racing features a track that combines innovation and creativity with driving skills and precision. Every detail of the route comments on your need for speed with a driving experience that makes you want more. Each race on our quarter mile tour lasts 8 minutes.

Go kart

    • Fully ergonomic with steering wheel, pedals and adjustable seats for optimal driver position.
    • The patented safety system with a high energy absorption design, ProSlide absorbent and full body protection.
    • Exclusive framework for performance and accuracy.
    • The ENGEC Motor is silent, eco-friendly with high speed transmission for an unlimited feeling.

Rules and security

Safety is the most important aspect of being a great driver. Here are the simple rules you should know.

Know your height: EACH driver must be at least 10 years old and 55 inches minimum to compete. Your requirements to compete with our go-karts are based on the size and age requirements.

Know what to wear:

    • Shoe rentals are available.
    • Skirts are not allowed during the race.
    • Closed shoes are required.
    • Do not wear high heels, flip flops, sandals or shoes. KNOW your flag:
    • Red: stop
    • Black: penalty, see Track Official.
    • Checkered: the race is over!
    • Go green! The Go Track is in full swing.
    • Yellow: attention, No passing, deceleration.
    • Blue with yellow lines: move over.