Planning a fun-filled Orlando vacation is always an exciting moment, but it can also be a confusing one if you have a furry friend at your side. Unfortunately, not all Orlando hotels are pet-friendly, and you might not be able to leave your companion alone in a hotel room as you browse nearby theme parks. All is not lost; you can still have a great time in Orlando and bring your pet along with you! Here’s our top tips for a pet friendly Orlando Vacation!

1.Stay at a Pet-friendly Vacation Home

If you’ve been dreaming about staying at a conveniently located vacation home near Disney World, you’re in luck! We offer a few options for pet-friendly lodging that allows you to keep your furry friend at your side throughout your getaway.

Rather than leave them cooped up at home or in a cramped hotel room, you can allow them to enjoy all the benefits a luxury townhome has to offer while you’re exploring the city.

Finding the best property couldn’t be easier: simply enter your desired travel dates here, press “search now,” and watch some of our favorite locations roll in.

2.Hire a Pet Sitter

You may not be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest if you’re worried about how your companion is faring back at your accommodation.

Well, there’s also a solution for that! Since all the pet-friendly vacation homes (and most of the Orlando hotels) we offer are close to Disney World, you’ll have no trouble finding a quality pet sitter. Or, since you’ll be less than 15 minutes away, you can simply drop by in-between destinations and check on them yourself!

3.Bring their Toys and Snacks

You can help your furry friend feel right at home in your lodging by bringing their favorite toys, snacks, and other comfort items. These familiar scents will help the area feel less strange to them, creating a relaxing environment for everyone involved!

4.Find a Pet-friendly Hotel 

Would you rather book a stay at one of the many Orlando hotels we offer? Your pet can come along, too! Properties like the Holiday Inn Resort Lake Buena Vista will welcome your companion with open arms, ensuring their stay is just as enjoyable as yours.

5.Keep a Close Eye on Your Pet

Once you’ve found the perfect accommodation for you and your pet, don’t forget to monitor them for naughty behavior. Though a property might be animal-friendly, they’ll still charge you a fee for any damages caused by your furry friend — whether that’s a chewed-up piece of furniture or a stained floor. So, just like you would at home, make sure they’re being supervised!

Need Help Booking Your Trip?

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