So it’s your first trip to Orlando. Congrats – you have a lot to look forward to! One of the most frequently asked questions by first time visitors is how many days they should plan to spend here. The answer isn’t quite as simple as you may think – it all depends on how you like to tour, what you’d like to do, and what your priorities are.

How Many Theme Parks do You Want to Visit?

The first question you’ll need to answer is how many theme parks you want to visit. The main two theme parks are Disney World and Universal Orlando. Keep in mind that within Disney World there are four parks and within Universal there are two.


Many first time visitors will pick one or the other. Five days is a good number of days to spend in the four Disney Parks while only two are generally need for Universal Orlando. However, these numbers can be significantly different depending on whether or not you want to spend all day every day in the parks, if you’ll be taking lots of breaks, and whether or not you’ll have older or younger folks in your party that may need more time getting from attraction to attraction.

How Important is Food to You?

If you’re not a foodie this will seem like a silly question. If you are, then you’ll want to plan for eating at some of the most delicious restaurants in the state. Some of the most popular options can easily be 2 or 3 hour meals. This is precious time taken away from riding attractions and seeing shows, so you’ll need to decide if you’ll make up the time by staying an extra day or two or by skipping some of the attractions.

What Else do You Want to Do in Orlando?

You may decide that the theme parks are what you’re here to say – and that’s fine! However, there are lots of other activities you can partake in. For example, visiting nearby GatorLand, taking a day off at one of the many water parks in the area, taking an hour drive to visit the beach, or heading to Downtown Disney for some shopping. Any of these activities can add another day to your trip.


Your Bottom Line

There are many other factors to consider, like whether or not you plan to spend time relaxing in your resort, how busy the parks will be when you visit, and your personal preferences. The above tips are here to give you a place to start as you attempt to decide exactly how many days are best for you when you visit the wonderful world of Orlando.