Orlando, Florida, is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the world. Many families, friends, and individuals define a “fun getaway” as visiting the numerous theme parks of Orlando. But apart from these fantastic parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, there are plenty of other unique experiences Orlando offers. What’s interesting is the fact that a majority of guests visiting Orlando are from the Southeast USA. But for them, here’s the caveat. 

Many visitors are now on the fence about whether or not it makes sense to visit Orlando as the gas prices keep rising. Whether it is a road trip they want to make or an airplane ticket they are considering, gas prices are likely to affect every mode of travel. 

So the question is, does it still make financial sense to make a trip to Orlando right now, or should you postpone it till the gas prices drop, whenever that may be?

That is what we are going to answer here. 

Effects of Gas Prices on Vacations

Let us talk about driving first. 

According to the American Automobile Association(AAA), which is also based in Orlando, $4 gas is a “tipping point” for many Americans. But even though they are more likely to rethink their travel plans, it won’t have much of an effect on summer travel. AAA also found that 52% of Americans plan to take a vacation this summer, and 42% of Americans would not consider changing their vacation plans, whatever the gas price may be. 

At Orlandovacation, our research has yielded similar results. 

As per a study we conducted comparing the inflation in 2008 to the current inflation, we found that there was not much change in reservations. People are planning more in advance for the current cost of travel while the last minute booking has reduced. 

As for air travel, there shouldn’t be much cause for worry. Even though Forbes predicts that there will be a 7% rise in airfares, you can still save up money in other places. But for that, you need to be clever and choose a travel partner who can teach you some nifty money-saving tricks. 

How Can OrlandoVacation Save You Money?

For starters, Orlandovacation is an authorized ticket seller for all the major attractions in Orlando, Florida. With us, you get discounts on tickets all year round that you might not otherwise get if you were to buy them directly. 

Secondly, we have collaborated with vacation homes, hotels, and resorts across Orlando to create comprehensive and amazing discounted vacation packages that can save you a great deal on your next bucket-list Orlando vacation. 

Lastly, Uber recently announced that they would charge a “fuel surcharge” to account for the rising gas prices. This means that traveling around in the city can cost you a fortune if you are not careful. Luckily for you, Orlandovacation provides a free shuttle service if you’re booked with us from the hotel to the attractions of your choice, which is another neat way you can save money if you travel with us. 
It is about time you forgot about postponing your plans and Got in touch with our travel experts to get help finding cheap tickets, Orlando hotels, and more.