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Save Money with Orlando Vacation Villas

During this type of economy, people are foregoing their usual family vacations. The uncertainty in the job market combined with falling stocks make it a time for conservation, saving not spending. But these same factors increase the level of stress and anxiety in a person, so this is actually the time families need vacations more than ever. There is good news for people who are concerned about spending money right now, but who know that a family vacation will do them good. It is possible to afford a very nice Orlando vacation right now for less than you would probably think. One way to make this happen is to look into renting an Orlando vacation villa during your stay.

If you are unfamiliar with Orlando vacation villas, they are similar to a condominium or apartment. The reason people opt for staying in a villa while on vacation is because it provides an atmosphere that is more like a home than a hotel. These villas are fully furnished and have kitchens, private bathrooms, and bedrooms, as well as a living area- everything you would expect an apartment or condo to have. A family with children often ends up in a single hotel room with two beds side by side for the duration of the vacation. That is not how you would prefer to relax on vacation. If the children are older, some adults choose to rent an additional hotel room next door, so that the adults and children all have their own space. This only drives up the cost of the vacation. Orlando vacation villas can have one, two, or three bedrooms, more occasionally. The villas are more spacious than hotel rooms, so accommodating more people is easier. Sometimes, two families traveling together can rent one large villa and share the expenses. Orlando Villas are rented as a whole, not charged per person. Frequently, these villas are in complexes with additional amenities like pools, hot tubs, and sometimes even fitness facilities, so you get a lot more for your money than staying in a traditional hotel.

One of the most obvious ways that an Orlando vacation villa can save travelers money is the kitchen. Buying just $100 worth of groceries and cooking one or two meals a day, can save hundreds per week. That is not to say that you shouldn’t have any meals out, but not having to eat all meals at restaurants creates a big savings. Buy a box or two of brownie mix, make the brownies and even freeze them. Then pack them in a backpack or purse and you’ll have a ready made snack while at a theme park. The same can be done with bottled water. Freeze a couple of bottles the night before, then pack them in your bag and by noon, you’ll have a refreshing cold bottle of water and save up to $5.00 per bottle at the parks. If you are uncertain what size vacation home is right for your family, be sure to read the article “what size Orlando vacation home is right for your family.”

Renting an Orlando vacation villa is a great way to afford a fantastic vacation for the family. Just because the economy is down right now does not mean people cannot take the breaks they so need. A little research online can point you toward many reputable vacation villas to rent. Shop around. Call and ask questions and you will be on your way to a relaxing, affordable Orlando vacation!