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What size Orlando Vacation Home is Right for Your Family?

The purpose of this article to give you an understanding about how big the vacation homes near Disney are and what size home would be perfect for you rent for your family.

Maximum Guests per House: The maximum number of guests we can accommodate in an Orlando vacation home is 2 per bedroom plus an addition 2 guest…so a three bedroom home can accommodate up to 8 guests. A four bedroom home can accommodate up to 10 guests, and a five bedroom home can accommodate up to 12 guests. This is not only our rule but it is also a law set forth by the Fire Marshall.

Beds: Most all of our homes have a King or Queen bed in the master bedroom and usually two beds in the other bed rooms (typically single beds). Almost every vacation home we represent has a pull out sofa in the living room. If you are traveling with another family or you just desire to have two master suites we do offer 4 bedroom townhomes in Emerald Island Resort and Terra Verde Resort which offer such accommodations. In these units, one master suite is downstairs and another master suite is located upstairs.

Special Tip: Keep in mind the bigger the home the bigger the pool…only makes sense doesn’t it. Knowing this we have quite a few guests who opt for the bigger house to get the bigger pool.

Square feet of an Orlando Vacation Home: Since every home is a little different it is quite hard for us to give you an exact square foot measurement so please note that the following numbers are approximate measurements. A three bedroom vacation home will have around 1200 to 1400 square feet, a four bedroom vacation home will have around 1500 to 1800 square feet, and a five bedroom home will have around 2000 to 2500 square feet of living space. As you can see, these homes offer you far more living space than a normal room at many of the Kissimmee hotels which averages between 450 to 600 square feet.

Multiple Story Vacation Homes: Almost all of the five bedroom vacation homes are two story and about half of our four bedroom homes are two story. Having a two story is very beneficial especially if you have young children 2 years of age or younger who still take naps. By having a two story home, you can have the children take a nap in one of the bedrooms upstairs and since they are far enough away from the main living room everybody else in the house does not have to whisper in fear of waking up the little ones.

Special Requests: Our job is to make sure we take care of our clients if you have a question or special request on a Disney World vacation home you would like to rent, please give us a call at 1-800-641-4008. We will do our absolute best to meet and exceed your expectations.