Orlando Hotels vs. Orlando Vacation Homes

If you haven’t been to Orlando in a while you will probably be amazed at how many vacation homes and condos have popped up around Disney World. Below we have produced a guide to help you decide which one is best for you and your family.

The 5 Best Orlando Hotels Near Universal Studios

Pros of Orlando Hotels

  • Most all Orlando hotels offer free shuttle service to Disney World and a few even offer free shuttle service to all the area theme parks.
  • Resort Environment- Most hotels near the area theme parks are going to cater to children. They do this by offering playgrounds, slash pools, large swimming pools, game rooms, and fitness centers.
  • Free Breakfast- Many hotels in the Orlando area offer free continental breakfast.
  • Daily Linen and cleaning services
  • You know the quality of the resort prior to your arrival. Most people who decide to stay in a Holiday Inn know the level of service they are going to receive.

Cons of Orlando Hotels

  • Limited space- the average size of a hotel room in Orlando is just under 400 square feet
  • Orlando hotels only allow 5 people max in a room so if you have more people than that you will have to get a second room
  • Only one television in the room and only one bathroom which makes it very cramped when everybody is trying to get ready in the mornings.
  • No Privacy - Not nearly as private as a vacation home

Pros of Orlando Vacation Homes

  • Vacation homes offer much more space than a hotel room- the average three bedroom home has around 1500 square feet and the five bedroom homes have over 2100 square feet.
  • All our Orlando vacation homes come with their own private swimming pools
  • All the vacation homes come with fully equipped kitchens. The most expensive part of your Orlando vacation is probably going to be taking your entire family out to eat, so by having a fully equipped kitchen you will save yourself a lot of money especially if you just eat breakfast in the house every morning.
  • Multiple televisions in the house. All our vacation homes have at least 2 TV’s in the house and some even have 4 or 5 different televisions.

Cons of an Orlando Vacation home

  • No shuttle service to the area theme parks- Since these are all individually owned properties we do not have a shuttle service which can come by and take you to the area theme parks.
  • No Daily Cleaning Service- All the vacation homes are cleaned at the end of your stay so they will be clean for the next guest, but we do not offer cleaning services during your stay.

All in all for my money I would definitely choose a vacation home. For the extra space and all the extra amenities you and your family will receive the vacation homes have proven to be such a great value.

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