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Do I Need Pool Heat In Orlando?

orlando vacation home pool heat

Do I Need Pool Heat In Orlando?

One of the biggest advantages of renting a vacation home rental in Orlando is having access to your own private pool. However, if the water’s too cold, you won’t get much use out of it. Whether or not you’ll need heat will depend widely on the month in which you’re traveling. Read onto get your question answered: Do I need pool heat in Orlando?

Understanding Pool Heat

The pool heaters that we use in Orlando run off electricity, and are very expensive have turned on all day. We charge per day for pool heat, and it will take at least two full days to heat the pool. We have no problem turning on the pool heat when you check-in, but just keep in mind it will still take two full days to get the pool heated. Your best bet is to order the pool heaters to be turned on prior to your arrival to ensure the pool will be warm enough for you to enjoy.

Guests traveling in January, February, November and December

If you’ll be here in these months, then we recommend you order pool heat for your Orlando Vacation home. The average temperatures during the day will be between 70 and 83 degrees, but at night it can easily drop into the 60s and lower – which can add quite a chill to the water!

cold Orlando vacation pool heat

Guest traveling in March

March can be tricky. Sometimes the weather can drop into the 60s at night, but the average daily high for the month is 85 degrees. Most clients don’t need pool heat in Orlando during March, but we recommend checking the weather forecast a few days before your arrival date. If the forecast suggests it will consistently get into the low 60s then you may want to order pool heat.

medium Orlando vacation home pool heat

Guests Traveling April Through October

No worries here – the average temperature in Orlando is HOT! You will not need pool heat in Orlando.

hot Orlando Vacation home pool heat

A Note About How Hot Pool Heat Really Is

There is a little misconception about the pool heat: just because the heaters are turned on does not mean the water temperature gets really hot. The heaters in all Orlando Vacation homes use smaller heating units. These are not like the ones that you will find in Colorado vacation homes! By turning on the pool heat, the water will be warm enough to comfortably swim, but it won’t be hot.