As you plan your group trip, remember that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stick together the entire time you’re in Disney World. Some travelers will want to take advantage of all the thrill rides while others will want to spend their time on more subdued rides. The key is to find the right balance where your group does get to spend time together, yet everyone gets to do what they’re most excited about. Let’s take a look at some ways you can accomplish this difficult balancing act.

Meet up first thing in the morning

If you’re renting a block of rooms at a resort hotel, or you’re renting several Orlando vacation homes, then you should make a point to meet up every morning to go over the itinerary for the day. This may be at a breakfast spot, it may be in a parking lot – what’s important is that everyone gets together to form a game plan for the day.


Pick a point person in each group

Once you decide which group is going where, pick one person in each group to be the point person. This means that if you, as the organizer, needs to get ahold of everyone, you’ll simply reach out to the point person in each group and they can then relay the messages to the rest of the group. This makes it easy for you and everyone else to know exactly who to contact if the need arises.

Look for attractions that can hold large groups

There are many attractions at the various parks that simply can’t hold a large group of people. For example, Dinosaur only seats 12 people per car. However, there are some attractions that may be able to accommodate your entire group. Carousel of Progress can hold more than a hundred in each theater and rarely has a wait. You may be able to get numerous safari vehicles in a row to have your group travel near each other. Look for options like this and consider trying these attractions as a group.


Be flexible!

One of the biggest challenges of planning group travel is finding the right balance between having the right plan and being flexible. When you put hours into planning every aspect of your trip it’s understandable that you’ll want it to all work out exactly the way you’ve envisioned it. However, the reality is once you’re surrounded by the magic you may find your group has other ideas. Try to be flexible as much as your plan allows and remember why you’re there – to have an incredible time!