As the person in charge of your group trip, it’s up to you to make sure everyone is on the same page. The good news is that you don’t have to pack for everyone going on your trip, but the reality is that if someone leaves something important behind you’re the one they’re going to turn to when they need it replaced. To avoid issues, share these tips for group travel packing.

Have everyone get scanned copies of their essential documents

Whether your travelers are coming from outside of the U.S. and need passports, or they’re traveling domestically and simply have state IDs, it’s essential that they have backup documents in case something happens to the originals. Have them scan photos of each and then store them in their secure email accounts. If something happens, they’ll have access to all the details they need to get replacements right away.

orlando split up valuablesSplit up the valuables

It’s wise not to carry credit cards, cash, and other valuables in the same place. Imagine that you have everything in a single pocket and the worst happens – you lose it. When it’s all in a single spot, or within a single wallet or purse, you’re increasing the chances of losing it all. Instead, instruct travelers to keep most of their valuables in their vacation home or hotel room and bring only the cash or credit card they need for each adventure.

Pack a backpack the right way

Did you know that there’s a right and a wrong way to pack a backpack? The best tips are to put lighter items at the bottom and heavy items on top. This makes backpacks feel lighter because the pack will now rest on the lower back. It’s also smart to place items you need most on top. This allows travelers to just grab what they need without removing everything from their backpack.

Cut down on clothing when possible

Baggage fees are getting out of hand, and lugging many suitcases along can be a pain. Instruct those traveling with you to try and cut down on the amount of clothing they need. One great tip is to pack multi-purpose items. For example, pajamas may also be used as a swimsuit cover.

orlando travel packing tips

Wrap up those shoes

This tip is something people rarely think about but it can make a big difference: pack extra shoes in plastic bags. Why? Because they can stink – especially after they’ve been worn at Disney World for a week.