Nobody wants to overpay for Disney World tickets but if you’re not careful, that’s just what you might end up doing. There are a few steps you can take to save not only on Disney World tickets but on tickets to Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and other Orlando attractions. Check out these simple tips to getting the best deal on tickets.

1. Choose Disney packages that include everything you need

One of the easiest and best ways to save on Disney World tickets is to take advantage of Disney packages through We’ve won the Best of the Best Award for customer service five years running, and we have the easiest and best cancellation policy you’ll see in Orlando. What’s more, we offer excellent Disney World packages with discounted theme park tickets coupled with incredible savings on vacation home rentals or Orlando hotels.

2. Buy your Disney World tickets as soon as you know you’re going

Generally speaking, Disney will raise their prices twice a year. In some cases, the chances are minimal but they’ve been known to go up a surprising amount from one half of the year to the other. When you’re interested in Disney vacations for an entire family, this added expense can add up. This is why we recommend buying tickets as soon as you know you’re going. The truth is this: Tickets may go up in price but they’re not going to get cheaper than they are right now.

3. Get all your tickets at the same place

If you’re looking for Disney World tickets as well as tickets to spots like SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Studios Orlando, we recommend getting them all at once. This ensures that one company is responsible for getting you your tickets and ensures that you have just one transaction to follow. It’s also likely that the company that offers the best prices on Disney World tickets will also offer the best prices on tickets to SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Studios Orlando.

4. Skip the add-ons until you’re in the park

There are several potential add-ons for Disney World tickets. The most popular is the park-hopper option. Currently coming in at over $60 per ticket, this can get pricey – but sometimes it’s worth it. What it basically does is offer you the chance to go to any and all Disney theme parks on the same day. With a traditional ticket without Park Hopper, you have access to a single park per day. For example, with Park Hopper, you could spend your morning in Epcot Center, your afternoon at the Magic Kingdom, and your evening at the Animal Kingdom.

There are other add-ons too, like the option that adds water parks to your tickets. We don’t recommend that you buy your initial ticket with these add-ons, and we recommend that you get tickets for the minimum number of days you’ll need our ticket. Remember that you can add these add-ons in the park for the same price you’d pay to have them added in advance. As a result, go to the parks, see how it’s working, and if you find you need Park Hopper, then add it.

5. Don’t buy your tickets from an unauthorized ticket seller

There are plenty of people selling Disney World tickets on the side of the road or online. They may claim they’re official tickets and unused, but in this day and age of electronic tickets, there’s no way to know they’re not valid. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to find that you can’t get in the parks. We suggest sticking with companies that are authorized Disney World ticket sellers that guarantee that their tickets are new and unused.

6. Don’t buy your tickets in the parks

Every single day, there are long lines at the ticket booths at Disney World. There may come a situation that requires a person to buy tickets the day of their trip, but we don’t recommend it. It’s a great way to ensure you pay the maximum possible price and to waste up to an hour waiting in line to buy your tickets in the morning.

7. Stay at vacation home rentals or Orlando hotels that aren’t onsite

Disney likes to advertise their resorts as money-saving and time-saving. The truth is that you’ll pay a huge premium to stay onsite, and most of the amenities you get at a Disney resort are available at Orlando hotels or vacation home rentals. For example, there are free shuttles at most, which means you won’t have to spend $20+ days on parking. When you rent your Orlando vacation home rentals or Orlando hotels as part of your ticket package, you save on everything.

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