For most, a Disney Vacation is something that must be planned and budgeted for, and now is a great time to start preparing for your next Disney Trip. Here’s how you can fit a Disney World trip into your budget for 2022. 

Disney Has Low Seasons

You can start by choosing what time of year you want to go. January is typically the cheapest time of year to go because it is the least crowded month. August through September are also a cheaper time of year to go. Schools are back in session so it is less crowded. 

Stay Off Property

Once you have chosen what time of year you would like to go, book your stay! Staying on property can be fun, but it is also highly expensive. Staying at an off-property resort or vacation rental can save you some big cash. Staying at a vacation rental can give you the opportunity to save more money by having a kitchen and being able to cook and have meals at the rental. Disney dining can come at a high price!

Look For Deals

The best way to save big on staying at Disney is by booking your Disney reservations with us on Black Friday. We have huge Black Friday savings, and it will be sure to help you stay on budget.


We offer fully customized payment plans that will help you choose what you are wanting in your vacation and how to stay on budget. There are many accommodations near Disney World Orlando you can choose from with us, and many have perks like shuttles to the theme parks and discounted theme park tickets.

Gift Cards

Another great way to keep yourself on a budget is by using Disney gift cards. If you buy gift cards from Target using the Target Red Card you save 5%. You can use Disney gift cards for things like Disney dining and merchandise. Plan now and start buying small gift cards here and there until you trip, and you will have saved up a good amount in gift cards you can use on your vacation. This is a great way to help you stay on budget while you are on vacation!



If you are having a hard time figuring out what you can afford, contact us and we can let you know what is available and how to make your budget work best for you. We can help you choose the best places to stay within your budget and show you how you can have the dream Disney Vacation of a lifetime!