Are you getting excited for your very first trip to Disney World? You should be – but you should also be aware of a few facts that can help you keep your expectations in check. There’s a ton to love about the parks, and lots to get excited about, but there are a few common mistakes you can avoid to assure you have the best time possible. Check out this interesting article with First Time Disney World Visit Tips or read our favorites below.

1.         Resist the Urge to Skip the Planning Process

orlandovacation_disney-dining-advance-reservationsWe hear it over and over again from folks who visited, didn’t plan, and wished they had: “We just wanted to play it by ear.” While this might work at other vacation destinations, the reality is that Disney requires planning. You’ll need to figure out the basics like where you’re staying, how you’ll get there, and what you’ll pack, but there are lots of other things to plan, too!

If you plan to eat at any restaurants within the Disney World theme parks then you’ll need what are known as ADRs: Advanced Dining Reservations. These require a credit card to book, but you’re only charged if you don’t show up for your reservation and don’t cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Without reservations you may find yourself eating an awful lot of turkey legs on your trip.

2.         Pay Attention to Lines – But Only Some of the Time

One common mistake first time visitors make is to assume that if a ride / attraction has a long line, then it must be a great ride. This is not true due to a number of factors. For example, some rides have a low hourly ride capacity. Simply put, this means that it takes quite some time to get people on or off the ride, or that it’s engineered in such a way that not many people can ride at once. These factors can make lines longer – but that doesn’t automatically make the ride better.

3.         Don’t Overpay for Anything!

Too often visitors have heard so many times that Disney World is expensive that they don’t even try to get discounts. The reality is that you have access it discounts on everything from Orlando vacation homes to discounted theme park tickets. You can get great deals on airfare if you’re flexible, you can save on food by renting a hotel or home with a kitchen and bringing your own meals into the parks, and you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars overall if you travel during non-peak times. No matter what aspect of your trip you’re planning, be sure to look for discounts – you’ll probably find them!