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Experience A Fun Date At The SeaWorld Orlando Parks

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Experience A Fun Date At The SeaWorld Orlando Parks

SeaWorld Resort Orlando is an ideal place for Orlando vacations, though it can also be a fun destination to go out and meet special people again. Whether you visit the park for your first time accompanied by loved ones, these tips will aid you create romantic memories on your fun date with maximum pleasure and minimal stress!

SeaWorld Orlando brings together the true and extraordinary with educational exhibits, shows and exciting attractions. In surplus to the walks, guests can participate in private guided tours, meet animals and explore the aquarium. In addition to the fun you will have, learn more about SeaWorld’s rescue, conservation and rehabilitation efforts. Look for objects & signs all through the park that describe your mission and your work.

SeaWorld Resort Orlando is really amazing for you and your date, as couples always get away smiling. If you’re thinking of which of Orlando’s best amusement parks offers the best couples or date fun games, you can’t expect SeaWorld Orlando to be a rival. Though think again! Who loves roller coasters & extreme sensations like SeaWorld rides like:

    • Mako is a two hundred-foot long orbit that rises to the very top of the food chain as the fastest, tallest and equally longest roller coaster in Orlando.
    • You may also get on the boat and drive the powerful Manta®. Or you could share an epic journey with the TurtleTrek® 360 degree turtles.
    • SeaWorld Orlando fans who love water parks will be happy that the sister attraction, the Aquatica by SeaWorld Orlando, is equally on International ride.
    • Boarding: SeaWorld Orlando tickets are not included in the Go Orlando Pass & tickets must be bought separately.

Connect with the animals!

SeaWorld packages offer an ideal chance to interact with various animals, like dolphins, the sea lions, rays and much others! If your lover is a dolphin lover, amaze her/him by eating dolphins at the Key West park area! The fish tray only costs $ 7 and visitors are called to touch dolphins when they arrive for their desired snacks. This activity is cheap, has the power to be a reminder of life & will delight any pet lover. If you need to remember that moment forever, you are lucky. SeaWorld Orlando photographers capture this interaction!


Swim With Dolphins At Discovery Cove

While it’s not a traditional amusement park, couples love everything Discovery Cove have to offer. Snorkel with tropical fish, meet dolphins, sit back and relax in paradise and more in this fantastic water park. Even better, almost everything at Discovery Cove is included in the ticket price. You don’t have to worry about buying food, packing snorkeling gear or wearing sunscreen. Everyone is waiting for you!

Some of the ideal interactive discovery Cove experiences are:

    • SeaVenture
    • Hand-Feeding exotic birds
    • Snorkeling with tropical fish and Manta rays
    • Swimming with dolphins

You can also improve your day by buying beverage packages. An oasis of water with drinks and lots of sun.

Visit the conservation Cabana

Conservation Cabana offers a variety of encounters with animals during the day. You can meet exotic birds, feathered mammals or other species of marine life!


Romantic Dinner

Without a good dinner, there is no full date! While “beautiful” by definition, the famous SeaWorld Sharks Underwater, Grill restaurant, is amazing. They eat next to an aquarium full of many sharks & other marine species or a drink at the aquarium bar, where goldfish live. This is the ideal restaurant in the theme park for a quiet date dinner, adult drinks or decadent desserts. It has very limited seating & is much busier than other park restaurants. Although this provides a relaxed environment, it can cause problems for visitors who are not prepared. If you want to eat something in a restaurant, you must register before that day to make a reservation. In addition, the bar opens & there are several tables in this area, which are subject to availability.

Here is the Underwater Sharks Grill menu:

The Appetizers

    • The Potato Gnocchi Casserole
    • The Braised Beef short Rib ravioli
    • Refrigerated Jumbo cocktail Shrimp
    • Spinach Salad and Heirloom Tomato The Entrees
    • Risotto Grilled Chicken
    • Osso Bucco pig
    • Strip Steak New York
    • The Pasta purse
    • shrimp tempura

The Desserts

    • Tart Fresh Fruit
    • Tiramisu
    • Ice Cream Stuffed Brownies
    • Chocolate Marquise
    • Cream of Banana Soup

The children’s menu is full of foods that they love:

    • The Marinara Pasta
    • Hot Dog Jumbo grilled
    • Tender Chicken Shark
    • Macaroni and Cheese
    • Skewer fillet

Catch The Thrill At Busch Gardens

A short distance from Orlando, the Busch Gardens Tampa is home to more than twelve thousands animals that make it one of the biggest zoos of North America. In addition to nonstop animal experiences, this amusement park also gives fantastic attractions such as Cobra’s Curse, Montu, Kumba and Sheikra. Complete the day having a backstage tour, exclusive wildlife gatherings and world class shows all through the park.

Couples also love the Club Brew Club of Busch Gardens Tampa. Enrollment in the Brew Club also includes craft drinks, snacks and 20 personal ounces. Stein, recharges with discounted discount and more throughout the year. With this in mind, it’s easy to view why the Busch Gardens is one of Orlando’s largest adult amusement parks.

Some useful Busch Gardens suggestions will make your trip from good to fantastic:

Choose your desired theme for the day

There is a lot to do in the park between animals and attractions. While ideally looking for time for the two elements during your stay, you can prioritize the choice of attractions to see if it focuses on the vehicle or animal.

Visit animals at morning

For people who do not experience sensations, it is important to visit the animal’s 1st thing in the early morning. Animals usually leave in the morning, while the heat in Florida is still equally manageable.

Use SkyRide

If you need a rest from an exciting trip or want to go between parks in parts of Egypt and the Congo, SkyRide will be useful. In addition, this wire car trip offers stunning sights of the park.

Photo by tampabay.com
Photo by tampabay.com

Explore The Festivities By Season

Couples cause a sensation at the Orlando SeaWorld! This water park organizes numerous festivals that complete the activities during your visit. Festivals to find include:

Seven Food Festival; Saturday, February 9th to May 5th

This food festival replaces Band, Brew & BBQ and Viva La Musica and combines both favorites. In addition, guests can enjoy street food and other delicacies, all inspired by the spices, flavors and music of the world. The Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Asia and South America stand out. Participants can also try several international, local and seasonal craft factories at the tap. Direct sellers of music and art complete this event.

Craft beer festival; Weekends from September 7th to 29th

SeaWorld participates in the excitement of craft beer this weekend. With over 100 craft beers from all over Florida and several national and international brands, this festival is the perfect complement to the SeaWorld fall program.

Before visiting SeaWorld, consider the following suggestions:

Go to the rides first

Like the amusement parks in Orlando, the lines of the SeaWorld rides can be very astronomical. Instead of visiting your favorite animal when entering the park, you must choose a ticket. In this way, you can explore all the tourist attractions and use the shortest waiting time.

Do not lose the animal experience

SeaWorld’s mission is to educate visitors about marine life and how we can help preserve it for future generations. Take a break from your day to visit several animals in the park and also listen to marine biologists and animal breeders.

Participate in the show

The show at SeaWorld is fantastic! This show is not only educational, but also satisfies the public with sophisticated effects, an extraordinary knowledge of water and more. Be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to get a good seat. And if you are in the Splash area, you know what you like!

Everyone knows that Orlando’s amusement park can be a little over budget. You can save money by combining your tickets to the Orlando amusement park with your favorite hotel in Reserve Orlando. Whether you choose a Disney World or Universal Orlando packages, you can save even more money by getting together!

We love SeaWorld for event nights due to the relaxed atmosphere of the park and its attractions and facilities, suitable for all ages. While some may say that other amusement parks in the Orlando area are more traditional places for the perfect date, SeaWorld has chosen our best theme park for Central Florida dates.