Perhaps you’ve grown tired of dragging your wife and kids around EPCOT or the Magic Kingdom, and you just want to take in a relaxing game at the local ballpark. There’s only one problem, you may not know where to find the nearest stadium. Thankfully, Disney’s Wide World of Sports is just around the corner from all of the major Disney theme parks, including the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. The massive, 2000 acre campus hosts a myriad of professional and amateur events throughout the calendar year, ranging from college basketball tournaments to the Pop Warner Super Bowl and Atlanta Braves Major League Spring Training. Facilities at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex include six NBA sized Basketball Courts at the T.G. Lee Milk Center, two Little League Baseball Fields, four lighted Softball Fields, 12  tennis courts, a 300 meter track and field complex and six beach volleyball courts.

From February through May, both national and local teams utilize the faculties for spring training, including high school lacrosse teams and high school volleyball teams. Events from May to June at the Wide World of Sports Complex include: Amateur Athletic Union Boys basketball tournaments, AAU Girls basketball tournaments, the Cheer leading and Dance World Championships, Disney’s slow pitch Softball championships, including teams from the U.S. Slow pitch Softball Association, the Danskin Triathlon Series,(the longest running woman’s triathlon series in the U.S). Orlando’s most dedicated young athletes gather for Ironkids Orlando, held on May 15. Iron kids is national event series geared to youth ages six to 15, who are committed to an active and physical lifestyle. At Iron kids Orlando, kids will participate in a variety of activities , including a triathlon.

The month of May ends with a Memorial Day Soccer Shootout, a Florida Youth Soccer Association sanctioned event, which features 500 soccer matches in three days, from May 29 – 31, 2010.

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