Disney World Orlando announced the latest addition to its rides arsenal five years ago. It is a roller coaster based on the fictional world of the TRON films and is currently under construction. Officially known as TRON Lightcycle Run, this roller coaster ride is a clone of Shanghai Disneyland’s TRON ride. 

The ride is situated in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland and will be constructed between the Storybook Circus in Fantasyland and the Tomorrowland Speedway. Previously, in the last two D23 Expos, Imagineering shared concept art and some new information related to this latest ride. 

Disney World’s New TRON Ride: What we Know so Far?

Let us see what else we know about the ride so far!

TRON Lightcycle Run: What is the Ride Like?

TRON Lightcycle Run is a semi-enclosed, launched steel motorbike roller coaster ride. Riders sit on individual motorbikes and lean forward to grip the handlebars. The seats are designed similar to the Avatar Flight of Passage ride at Animal Kingdom. For security, a pad behind the seat moves forward and secures the rider in the seat. 

The ride welcomes the guests into a magnificent gravity show building where they board their very own light cycle or motorbike. Like Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster or the Space Mountain rides, TRON Lightcycle Run runs in a darkened but dreamily lit show building. The most exciting point of the ride is the loop under a large color-changing canopy. This canopy is the unique and iconic feature of the attraction’s facade.

Opening Date

The ride was announced five years ago and has been under construction ever since. During the multi-month closure at Walt Disney World, all kinds of construction stopped. Earlier, Walt Disney World announced that TRON Lightcycle Run “is set to open at Magic Kingdom Park in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary”, but because of the closure, the opening date moved further away. 

Even after the closure ended, the work progressed slowly, which is why it is hard to predict exactly when the ride will open to the public. 

Furthermore, since the beginning of Disney World’s 50th anniversary, the company has taken a quiet stance about the TRON Lightcycle Run in its preview events. This shows that nothing is certain about dates right now.

We would, however, speculate that the TRON Lightcycle Run will debut at the second push of Disney World’s 50th anniversary. Moreover, since Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the most popular thing to debut, the TRON ride is unlikely to open first. This puts it on the speculative track of opening sometime after the summer of 2022. 

Final Word

Whenever this ride opens, it will be a matter of excitement and thrill for the guests all around the world. If you wish to score a discount, be on the lookout for the ride’s debut and book your tickets as soon as possible. Orlandovaction.com is there for you throughout the year for discount Magic Kingdom tickets in Orlando!