Spring has arrived at Disney World, and while April may be cool in some parts of the US, you can expect hot afternoons and high daytime temperatures in the 90s during your visit. Thankfully, Disney offers plenty of ways to keep cool – here is a list of some of the best watery rides you’ll find when you visit:

Kali River Rapids (Disney’s Animal Kingdom): Climb aboard a multi passenger inner tube boat and set sail down the Kali river, if you dare. Expect to be drenched on this watery expedition, with water overflowing the sides of the boat, dripping from above and even shooting out of cannons.

Summit Plummet (Blizard Beach): One of the highest, fastest rides in Disney World has no moving parts at all, it’s just you and gravity. Climb or ride to the top of the mountain, then take a near vertical plunge to the bottom on this towering waterslide. Summit Plummet is not for the faint of heart; plenty of folks make the climb, take a look, and then climb right back down onto level ground again.

Shark Reef (Typhoon Lagoon): Disney’s coral reef is totally immersive – you’ll take to the water with a variety of marine animals, including fish, rays and a few sharks. The salt water in the tank helps with buoyancy, so you’ll swim with ease—and the chilly temperatures will keep you cool on a hot summer day. Note that you do need to be able to swim to enjoy Shark Reef; there is a rock to rest on about halfway across if you need a break.

Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom): One of the Magic Kingdom’s most clever and entertaining rides will also help you cool off on a hot spring day. You may not get totally soaked on Splash Mountain, but count on a few solid splashes, especially from the big plunge at the end.