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Retired Attractions – Universe of Energy

Retired Attractions – Universe of Energy

The Universe of Energy is a combination ride and theater attraction. The show begins as guests join Ellen DeGeneres in her apartment watching her favorite show, Jeopardy. After Ellen falls asleep she begins to dream that she is on Jeopardy and unfortunately all of the categories involve energy, a topic that Ellen knows nothing about. Thankfully she gets help from her quirky next-door neighbor, Bill Nye the Science Guy as he takes on a journey through the history and future of energy. This 45-minute attraction is the longest in Disney World.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Some youngsters might be frightened by the dinosaur section of the ride or may lose interest in the 45-minute ride.
ages 5-10 The length of the attraction as well as some of the educational aspects may be too boring for some kids, but the dinosaur section is quite popular.
ages 11-15 Some kids find it interesting while others are bored.
ages 16-adult Most adults, especially fans of Ellen will enjoy the irreverent humor and the dinosaur section.
senior citizens The dinosaur sections and educational aspects of the presentation make this interesting for some seniors.

When to Visit

Universe of Energy never has a line, visit whenever you would like. It’s great in the middle of the day as you get 45 minutes of solid air conditioning and rest off your feet.

Walt Disney World Facts

  • The host of the ride quotes the title to the original attraction’s theme song when he says “Energy, you make the world go-’round.”
  • The actress who plays the energy professor Judy is Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • Michael Richards, famous for playing Kramer on Seinfeld can be found in a cameo as the caveman who discovers fire.