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DisneyQuest wall

Retired Attractions – DisneyQuest Interactive Adventures

Attraction Overview

DisneyQuest is a 5-story indoor interactive gaming center where you can even create your own roller coaster and ride it. Disney had planned to build indoor theme parks all across North America in the late ’90s, however, their plans had changed due to hitting below target levels. When guests buy entrance tickets, they are then allowed to enter and play the arcade games inside for free. One of DisneyQuest’s most popular attractions was CyberSpace Mountain. Here guests create their very own roller coaster on a touch-screen computer. They’re encouraged to design it as tame or as scary as you’d like! When they’re all done designing, they then hop into a full 360-degree motion simulator and experience the roller coaster exactly as they designed it!

Additional Facts

  • • There was a DisneyQuest built in Chicago also, however, it closed down after a couple of years.
  • • Prices for a one-day pass were $47.93 for adults and $41.54 for children 3-9. Children under 3 were free.
  • • Disney had also planned to have two other DisneyQuest locations built in 3 cities:
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Toronto, Canada &
    • Disneyland

Attraction Facts

  • Opened: June 19, 1998
  • Closed: July 2, 2017
  • Former Location: West Side
  • Replaced: ?
  • Park: Disney Springs
  • Attraction Type: Indoor Arcade Center

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