Typhoon Lagoon® – Disney® Water Park

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon® Water Park

This amazing attraction is one of two water parks at Walt Disney World®. Typhoon Lagoon® offers family attractions, from fast water slides to kid-size rafting areas. Enjoy the 6-foot waves at Shark Reef Surf and Shark Pool where you can spot real-life sharks! Escape to a tropical paradise where you will find a great time under the sun. This water park is the perfect place to enjoy the incredible water slides, slow rivers, wave pools, and playgrounds for children!

Typhoon Lagoon® Schedule

The water heats up in the colder months, so you can enjoy the hurricane lagoons for most of the year. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon® is open almost every day of the year, with the exception of renovations. Walt Disney World® Water Park opening and closing hours change by season. In the colder months, standard park hours are from 10: 00 am – 5: 00 pm. The longest days from 10 am to 8 pm are the months of summer. Anniversaries and Easter weeks tend to have higher occupancy levels.

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Typhoon Lagoon® Things To Do

Here you can find an attraction for each member of the family. Whether you love swimming in a lazy river or rafting, the Typhoon Lagoon® offers lots of fun in the sun.

Here is a list of attractions that you can visit:


Castaway Creek

This “lazy river” spans an area of over 2,100 feet! Here, you can circle the entire park while passing cascading waterfalls, mist, and lush rainforests. You can choose to float on your own or by utilizing one of the many inner tubes that are provided


Miss Adventure Falls

A family attraction owned by Captain Mary Oceaneer, a treasure hunter at sea. She has been trapped in an unpleasant hurricane and her treasure has spread throughout the country years ago. You mount a raft for four people and ride with a water conveyor and look for the precious artifacts.


Gangplank Falls

This is the perfect attraction for the entire family to enjoy! This is a 300-foot water slide on a 4-person pipe that will take you through a rocky cave under a wet waterfall and below a rustic wooden bridge, twisting and tilting from side to side.


Humunga Kowabunga

These three high-speed water slides will shoot riders downward five stories at speeds of over 30mph! You must be 48″ or taller to ride. Three slides of an adjacent and closed body allow you to descend 200 meters in the dark at an angle of 60 degrees and fall five stories in seconds.


Keelhaul Falls

Feel the fury of the whitewater rapids as you ride along a course lined with boulders and palm trees. Pass through caverns and spin below waterfalls until you get to the exhilarating splashdown at the bottom.


Typhoon Lagoon® Surf Pool

This is America’s biggest wave pool and the center of Typhoon Lagoon®. Listen for the “sonic boom” to get ready for the big waves to come in which happen every 30 minutes. Bodysurf to a variety of wave levels and get propelled to shore.


Mayday Falls

This is the highest and longest waterslide at the water park. Get ready for a bumpy ride down the rapids on a single-rider inner tube. The ride begins in the shadow of Miss Tilly, a shipwrecked shrimp boat on Mayday Mountain, the iconic Disney Typhoon Lagoon®. Whoosh through caves, under bridges, and past the drenching waterfalls!


Crush ‘n’ Gusher

Choose between a pineapple, coconut, or banana, and then slide a 400-foot water slide. The bands are driven by powerful currents through gradients, sudden twists, and turns through dark and open parts. This attraction is a roller coaster on water. High-powered water jets not only push you down the slides….sometimes you’ll find yourself going up a slide or two! You must be 48″ or taller to experience this ride.


Storm Slides

In this aquatic adventure, you’ll zip, twist, and turn your way past rocky outcrops and lush greenery, through grottoes. You’ll ultimately meet the epic 3-story-high waterfall finale. Are you brave enough?

Typhoon Lagoon® with Toddlers

Though the Typhoon Lagoon® is not as large as the children’s section at Blizzard Beach®, it still provides a fantastic and designated area where tadpoles can splash.

Ketchakiddee Creek

This is the place for kids at this water park. The play area includes a sandy beach, a variety of fountains & sprayers, and small slides. Remember, kids must be 48″ or smaller to play here.

This magical land of water includes:

  • A mini slide side by side
  • Rapid ride mini inner tubes.
  • Crawl chutes
  • Animal shaped fountain
  • Cave with a waterfall
  • Fun animal sculptures

Bay Slides: In addition to the area for children, Bay Slides is found near the pool with waves and is ideal for tadpoles to entertain you between the sun and the pool with waves. Toddlers under two meters may use this “slide for beginners”, a smaller version of the exciting storm slide.


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Typhoon Lagoon® Characters

You can Meet your desired Toy Story friends during H2O Glow Nights at the water park. One of the favorite ways to enjoy the water park is at sunset with the lights off! Special events take place after hours and have a Toy Story theme! Enjoy exclusive meals and dance and snacks the night away with a DJ at the beach party! Also, it’s a great time to meet the popular Pixar Pals! Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear will be ready to meet the visitors and pose for photos.

Meet Lilo and Stitch at this water park! Ohana is not the only place where you can meet this beautiful duo. Lilo and Stitch appear regularly in the Typhoon Lagoon®. However, guests should keep in mind that they don’t often appear together.

Typhoon Lagoon® Food & Refreshments

There are several options for food and drinks inside the water park. Whether you are looking for a snack or a adults only hang-out there is something for everyone.


Typhoon Tilly’s

Here you will find snacks, lunch and dinner; located right next to Shark Reef.


Let’s go Slurpin’

For adults only, this bar is located right on the sandy beach near the surf pool.


Happy Landings Ice Cream

A popular destination on hot Florida days, this spot offers ice cream and various refreshments.


Leaning Palms

This is the park’s main counter-service restaurant. There is plenty of shaded seating and it is conveniently located near the entrance of the park. The burgers are great!


Lowtide Lou’s

Counter Service for those seeking wraps and sandwiches with a side of chips. Beer, wine and frozen cocktails are also available. Opened seasonally.


Snack Shack

Grab sandwiches, salads, tasty sweets and ice cream! Frozen alcohol beverages are available also.

Typhoon Lagoon® Souvenir Stores


Singapore Sal’s

The park’s main retail store specializes in various souvenirs, footwear, swimwear, t-shirts, sunglasses, and more!


North Pearl

Located in “Hammer Head Fred’s Dive Shop”, this jewelry store specializes in pearls.


High ‘n Dry Towels

This is where you will want to go to rent a locker for the day. They also rent towels and complimentary life jackets.

Typhoon Lagoon® with Special Needs

The Walt Disney World® Resort offers many facilities for people with reduced mobility, people with visual impairments, and people with hearing disabilities.

The water park offers wheelchair rentals. Valid identification is required to rent a wheelchair. You must leave the wheelchair before leaving the water park. The number of wheelchairs is limited and depends on availability.

The water park also offers:

  • Accommodation for auxiliary animals.
  • A hearing aid that helps.
  • Reflective letters
  • Sign language Interpretation
  • Text typewriter telephones.
  • A Handheld Captioning
  • Video Captioning
  • Audio description devices
  • Braille guide books
  • Digital audio tour

Typhoon Lagoon® While Pregnant

Talk to your doctor: Before traveling, contact your doctor. Each pregnancy is different. First talk with your doctor about your child’s safety and security.

Before all rides, there are posters that describe the trip and are restrictions for the rider. Remember to check every time. Here is a list of all the attractions you can enjoy during pregnancy:

  • Castaway Creek
  • Surf pool Typhoon Lagoon® – Pool Wave

Typhoon Lagoon® Tips

Come Early

If you go to the water park, parking can be quickly fill up on peak summer days. Although there are plenty of sunbeds available, the best chairs are available an hour after opening the park. If you arrive at noon, it may be a little more difficult to find chairs for your group.

Bring Cheap Sunglass

Leave your good set of shades at home! Many people tend to lose their sunglasses on the water rides. You can always buy a cheap set of shades at your local store so that when you’re out and about on the rides and lose them, it’s not a big deal.

Drink A Lot of Water

Ensuring that you are drinking the right amount of water throughout the day is already an important habit to have. This is especially so when heading to one of the parks where you are easily bound to get dehydrated. A 2-liter of water is generally recommended.

Water Shoes

It’s always a great idea to have a pair of water shoes. They will protect your feet so that you can spend the following day walking in the amusement park.

Take Inventory of What You Need

As a family, bring your own personal towels instead of renting them in the Park. You may save $2 per towel in which you can splurge on a good snack instead! Remember to buy and carry other products, for instance, sunscreen from your local supermarket, so you don’t have to pay extra.

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