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Magic Kingdom – Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise Attraction Magic Kingdom

This classic attraction is one of The Magic Kingdom’s original rides that opened in 1971. Safari boats carry guests down a river through the jungles of South America, Africa and Asia. You’ll see life-size robotic animals and elaborate landscaping as you embark on your ten-minute journey. The ride itself is somewhat outdated in comparison to the rest of Walt Disney World, but retains a simple charm that is hard to resist.

The highlight of any Jungle Cruise voyage is the skipper’s witty commentary on the scenes along the way. The jokes are often very corny and don’t amount to more than “groaners”, but add a level of sarcasm not found in most of Walt Disney World.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Young children may be frightened by a few gunshots and a trip through a dark temple. Most kids enjoy the trip.
ages 5-10 The corny jokes and animals along the way makes this a favorite attraction of children.
ages 11-15 The outdated nature of the Jungle Cruise and the silly banter is not to many teens tastes.
ages 16-adult The simple charm of the Jungle Cruise works for many adults, especially Disney veterans.
senior citizens Many seniors enjoy this nostalgic look back at Disney’s simpler attractions of the past.

Disney Tip

The Jungle Cruise continues to be popular after all these years and still commands a long line on busy days. To avoid longest lines avoid visiting between 11:00am and 4:00pm. Lines usually get a lot shorter at night.


While the Jungle Cruise has FASTPASS available, it’s generally not as good of a FASTPASS as other attractions as the lines are often shorter. Generally speaking, get a Jungle Cruise FASTPASS only after experience all other rides you wanted to that have a FASTPASS option.

Disney Facts

  • Look around at the signs in the queue and listen carefully to the radio announcements as both contain some very funny puns.
  • Sharp eyed guests may notice that the man at the bottom of the tree (avoiding the rhino’s horn) has the exact same face as the caretaker in the graveyard of the Haunted Mansion. Disney often recycles the faces of their animatronic characters as a budget saver.
  • The names on the crates at the exit of the attraction contain refrences to Disney films the Misadventures of Merlin Jones and Swiss Family Robinson.