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Disney Hollywood Studios for the Vision and Hearing Impaired

For visitors dealing with hearing and vision impairments this affect all areas of their daily living, and entertainment is no exception. Guests with these issues may worry that they will miss a significant portion of what Hollywood Studios Orlando has to offer.

Fortunately, visitors to Hollywood Studios needn’t worry at all. Disney goes to great measures to insure everybody has a great time on their Disney World vacation . Upon arriving at Disney-Hollywood Studios, make your way directly to Guest Relations, located to the right as you enter the park. Guests with visual disabilities may choose a Braille guidebook or an audio tour of the park. A per item deposit is required, and will be refunded if you return the item the same day. Braille maps are also available free of charge.

Hollywood Boulevard

This is the main entrance area to the park, designed to transition guests from the real world to the Golden Age of film. Hollywood Boulevard offers shopping and dining options, as well as Streetmosphere actors portraying many Hollywood stereotypes.

*Tip* Navigating this street is sometimes difficult, as crowds tend to stop and watch the improvised Streetmosphere shows. Keep your service animal close to your side and use caution when walking the crowded streets.

Sunset Boulevard

This area is home to the thrill attractions, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Due to safety restrictions, service animals are not permitted on these attractions. Inquire at each ride regarding waiting areas for your service animal.

*Tip* Fantasmic, the evening spectacular, takes place nightly in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. Try to see the second show of the night, as crowds will be significantly smaller. Be prepared to wait in line for up to two hours on popular evenings. Service animals must be on their best behavior while in line, as they will be tightly packed into a small area with a large number of people.

*Tip* All other attractions, shopping, and dining here should pose no particular difficulties for guests with visual or hearing impairments.

Mickey Avenue

Home of the production facilities, this portion of the park gives guests a look behind the scenes of filmmaking. Service animals are permitted in all attractions here, and guests with hearing or visual impairments should find no particular difficulties.

Streets of America/Commissary Lane

This is the home of stunts and special effects. Service animals are permitted in all attractions, and most utilize reflective or video captioning. Please inquire at each attraction for details.

Echo Lake

In this area, more stunts and effects are to be found. Due to safety restrictions, service animals are not permitted to board Star Tours. See a Cast Member for information on a safe waiting area for your animal. The other attractions here allow service animals and pose no particular difficulties for guests with visual or hearing impairments.

Animation Courtyard

The flagship attraction of this area is the Animation Tour. All attractions here permit service animals, and many utilize reflective or video captioning. Please see a Cast Member for details.

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