One of the most fun things for the whole family to do at Hollywood Studios is to try and spot the Hidden Mickey’s which are planted throughout the park. What is a hidden Mickey? Simple, it is  a mixture of objects that are put together to resemble Mickey Mouse’s head. It looks similar to this oOo.

Some of the Hidden Mickey’s that can be seen at Disney-MGM Studios are:

  • In the lobby of the Tower of Terra  the two double doors which you walk through have hidden Mickey’s on them.
  • Where Mickey Mouse takes pictures with guests on Sunset Ave, the doors right behind Mickey Mouse have handles that when closed create a very cool hidden Mickey.
  • There is a hidden Mickey below the ticket booth outside Hollywood Studios
  • The Great Ride there is a hidden Minnie Mouse on the mural which is behind the guests waiting in line.
  • Hollywood Studios if you look at it on a map it looks like an upside down hidden Mickey.

Fun Facts

  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the highest attraction at Disney World standing 199 feet tall. It  is larger than  Cinderella Castle (185 feet), Spaceship Earth (180 feet) and The Tree of Life (145 feet).
  • The Earffel Tower, Disney-Hollywood Studios’ water tower landmark,  has the largest set of ears and if you were to put at hat on the tower it would wear a hat size of 342 ¾.
  • Hollywood Studios opened on May 1, 1989.