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Disney Hollywood Studios The Magic of Disney Animation (Permanently Closed)

(Permanently Closed)


While no longer a working animation studios facility, this tour offers a glimpse behind-the-scenes on how Disney animation comes to life. It begins with a short presentation entitled Drawn to Animation, where an artist relates the process on developing a character with the help of Mushu from the Disney film Mulan. After this comical show, guests exit into an interactive exhibit where you can take a test to find out which Disney characters fits your personality, put your voice into a famous Disney movie scene or learn how to draw the characters with the help of a Disney artist. You can also meet characters from the latest release from Disney Feature Animation.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Many young kids enjoy meeting the characters or playing with the interactive exhibits.
ages 5-10 This exhibit is fantastic for kids, especially the interactive area.
ages 11-15 Pre-teens and teens who are interested in learning more about animation will love this exhibit.
ages 16-adult Adults who are interested in learning more about the animation process will find the opening show fascinating. The Disney personality test is also very popular.

When to Go

Avoid touring between 11:30 a.m and 3:30 p.m when the lines are at their longest. Consequently, if you do wish to visit the exhibits inside you can enter in through the gift shop. You will miss the very cute Drawn to Animation show but you will encounter no wait.

Disney Facts

  • In one of the scenes, Mushu poses with his “cousin” Elliot the dragon. Disney fans will recognize him from the film Pete’s Dragon.
  • Disney fans may want to walk slowly as they exit as to not miss the great displays in the Animation gallery. An actual Academy Award given to Disney is on display, and you can also see some early concept sketches and art from various animated classics.
  • Visitors may notice that the interactive area is actually where some of the Florida animators’ desks once stood, before the Florida department was closed.