This ride is located inside the Manns Chinese Theater. Inside the theater, youll see many authentic props and costumes from classic movies while waiting in line. Once onboard, classic movie moments come to life before your eyes as you ride in a vehicle that takes you from scene to scene. Some of the movies showcased are Casablanca, Singin' in the Rain, Mary Poppins, Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Wizard of Oz.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Some young children may be frightened by the Alien sequence, eerie skeletons or loud sounds.
ages 5-senior This attraction is one of the best at Disney-Hollywood Studios.

When to Go

Avoid riding between 11:30 a.m and 5:30 p.m when lines are at their longest. During these times the average wait time is around 35 minutes.

Disney World Facts

  • While it's often been reported, the plane in the Casablanca scene is not the original prop from the movie.
  • This attraction may just be the reason why Disney-MGM Studios exists. Disney designers created a new attraction on the world of movies that was originally slated to be placed inside Epcot Center. After a while, the idea got so big it was decided to make a new theme park out of it.