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Disney Hollywood Studios – Backlot Tour

Hollywood Studios does not have an actual working Backlot Studio, there used to be one here but Disney shut it down years ago. What’s left to see on this tour is a huge water effects tank, a dusty prop room, a disaster set, and a peek into theme park costume changing area.

Highlights of the Backlot Tour:

The water effects tank demostrates how fire bursts and water cannons can simulate a torpedo and bombing attack. There is an opportunity to participate, if you would like you may volunteer to get splashed on a PT boat. If you would like to volunteer just tell the cast member as the entrance to the attraction.

The Catastrophe Canyon is special effects area which simulates an earthquake, fire, and flood.

The Backlot Tour usually takes about thirty-five-minute to the Disney-Hollywood Studios production facilities.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Young kids may find some of the explosions a little startling.
ages 5-10 Kids may find the tour to be a little boring.
ages 11-15 The water effects tank and the simulated earthquake are pretty cool but other than that this attraction lacks the WOW factor.
ages 16-seniors This attraction is ok, but only worth seeing after visiting the other major attractions at Disney-Hollywood Studios.

When to Go

Visit before 12:00 p.m and after 3:30 p.m to avoid the longest lines. There is not a fastpass available for this attraction.

Disney Facts

  • There are many props on display in the queue and in the prop house. Sharp eyed Disney fans will notice a lot of props from the old World of Motion attraction at Epcot.