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Guests Using Wheelchairs at Epcot

Guests Using Wheelchairs at Epcot

Wheelchair Rental Locations:

  • Gift Stop just outside Main Entrance (limited quantities)
  • Glas und Porzellan in Germany Pavilion (replacement location)
  • International Gateway (also rents ECVs)
  • Stroller and Wheelchair location inside Main Entrance (also rents ECVs)

Companion Restroom Locations:

  • First Aid
  • Future World East Block opposite Test Track
  • Future World West Block opposite the Land
  • Near Canada
  • Near Morocco
  • Near Spaceship Earth

Attraction Entrances:

Many of the attractions at Epcot are accessible to guests in wheelchairs via the mainstream entrance of the attraction.  Others may require guests in wheelchairs to enter through a more convenient auxiliary entrance.  In this case, up to five members of the party may accompany a guest in a wheelchair.  Additional members of the party may use the mainstream entrance.

Boarding the Ride:

Wheelchairs are permitted on many of the rides at EPCOT.  For some rides, the guest must transfer from his/her own wheelchair to a wheelchair provided on the ride.  Yet other rides will require the guest to transfer into the actual seat of the ride itself.  For rides requiring transfers, the guest in a wheelchair must be able to transfer independently or with the assistance of a member of his/her party.  Please keep in mind that Disney World employees are not allowed to physically help a guest make the transfer.  Use the table below to help you decide which attractions you would like to visit.