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EPCOT – Hidden Mickeys & Fun Facts

One of the funnest things to do on your Disney World vacation is to try to find all of the Hidden Mickey’s throughout the Disney resort. Hidden Mickey’s are designed after the shape of Mickey’s head, which contains one large circle in the center surrounded by two smaller circles on the sides. They look something like this: oOo. Cast Members know where many of them are located and will gladly point them out to you, if you ask them.

Here is a short list of a couple of the Hidden Mickey’s at EPCOT:

  • As you leave the World Showcase lagoon, and walk to Spaceship Earth, you will see two large trees in front of Spaceship Earth. Not all hidden Mickeys are obvious, and this one sure isn’t because it’s upside-down. The trees are Mickey’s ears and Spaceship Earth makes up Mickey’s head.
  • At the Test Track attraction, there’s a large billboard in front with pictures of the globe. Look for Africa and then the newly formed island chain. You’ll see a Hidden Mickey in the island chain.
  • In Mexico, near the end of the boat ride there are three arches on the left. The sales people (one female and one male) run alternately from arch to arch trying to sell something to you. Between the second and third arch, there are three bowls sitting between the boat and the arch. As you approach, they look like three distinct bowls. If you keep you eyes on the bowls and turn your head as the boat goes passed, you will find a Hidden Mickey over you left shoulder.

Fun Facts

  • The symbol of the park, Spaceship Earth is 180 feet tall and weighs over 16 million pounds.
  • In the World Showcase, every nation is authentically represented even down to the cast members who work on location. The cast members are all from the country that they represent.
  • The King of Morocco personally sent over his artisans to construct the buildings in Morocco, therefore preserving authenticity.
  • 8 different countries provide fireworks for the nightly shows including the United States, France, Japan, China, Italy and Spain.

Many Kissimmee hotels often times decorate their rooms with hidden Mickey in them. This makes it a lot of fun especially for the younger children to see if they can spot them.

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