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Pleasure Island – Overview


Every night is a never ending party at Pleasure Island! One ticket allows you unlimited visits to all of the nightclubs Pleasure Island offers. Pleasure Island is definitely the coolest spot in town for nighttime fun! There are 7 clubs:

Mannequins Dance Palace

This club plays the hottest styles in techno and progressive beats and features state of the art special effects.


At Motions you’ll hear the top 40 hits of today, accompanied by music videos on a gigantic video screen.

Rock ‘n Roll Beach Club

Groove to your favorite rock hits of yesterday and today. There are three levels where guests can mingle and play table games, as well as a large dance floor.

8 Trax

If you’re in the mood for some disco lovin’ 8 Trax salutes the retro styles of the 70s and 80s.

Comedy Warehouse

These comedy shows are completely improvised based on audience suggestions and stories, similar to the television show “Whose Line is it Anyways.”

Adventurer’s Club

This highly unusual club is a combination of a lounge themed as a gentlemen’s club in the 1930s and improvisational comedy. As you mingle through the club, you’ll encounter an odd cast of characters who perform cabaret style productions in the library. The Adventurer’s Club is the most unique club on the island and shouldn’t be missed for those looking for something a little different.

BET Soundstage Club

Inside the two-story BET Soundstage Club guests can groove to R&B, Hip-Hop and Reggae.

Most of the clubs open at 8 p.m every night, except for Motions and Mannequins Dance Palace which open at 9 p.m.

Age Suitability

Children under 18 years are only admitted into two clubs, the Adventurer’s Club and the Comedy Warehouse. They must have an adult chaperone present with them at all times. You must be 21 years of age to enter all other clubs on Pleasure Island.

When to Go

Pleasure Island is busiest on Friday and Saturday nights and is least busy Monday through Wednesday night.


  • Originally, Pleasure Island had a New Year’s Eve celebration every night.
  • The Adventurer’s Club is full of amazing detail, make sure to look carefully as there are a lot of fun items to discover.
  • Comedy Warehouse contains a lot of great Disney memorabilia including old theme park attraction signs, parade costumes and more. If sitting toward the stage, if you look at the lights in the wall on your right you can make out the word Epcot.