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Create Your Own Roller Coaster At Disney Quest

The DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park offers some of the most groundbreaking technology on Disney property and provides you with yet another destination to consider visiting during your trip to Orlando. Only Disney could give you the chance to create your own roller coaster!

The Perfect Spot for Rainy Days

Orlando is known for receiving heavy rain during the summer months. DisneyQuest provides you and your family with a unique interactive experience that will also keep your party dry. When you create your own roller coaster, you will be able to ride it in a simulation regardless of the weather outside.

DisneyQuest is very easy to find, even in heavy rain. Just look for the five-story blue building located at Downtown Disney’s West Side. You can’t miss it!

Build (and ride) your own Roller Coaster

One of DisneyQuest’s most popular attractions is Cyber Space Mountain. Here you will create your very own roller coaster on a touch-screen computer. You’re encouraged to design it as tame or as scary as you’d like! When you’re all done designing your creation you’ll hop into a full 360 degree motion simulator and experience the roller coaster exactly as you designed it!

There’s something for everyone here: adventure, thrills, creativity and a zone dedicated to the great arcade games of the ‘80s. Even if the entire week’s forecast looks all clear, be sure to make time for a trip to DisneyQuest and experience this one-of-a-kind place for yourself.

Your payment options

You have two options to pay for DisneyQuest. First, you can pay for a one-day pass. This will cost $47.93 for adults and $41.54 for children 3-9. Children under 3 are free. For many families, the cheaper option is to buy a “Water Park Fun and More” Disney World ticket. This gives you access to the theme parks as well as water parks – plus unlimited admissions to DisneyQuest on valid ticket days.

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