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Animal Kingdom park

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Animal Kingdom – Disney World

Disney Animal Kingdom is the newest of all the Walt Disney World theme parks and in many ways, it is the most magical. This huge park sits on 500 acres and is the largest of all the Disney theme parks. The theme park consists of an 110 acre replica of an African Safari, two Broadway shows, a thrilling roller coaster, and up-close encounters with numerous animals.

Many visitors to Disney World think that this theme park is just one large zoo. Well, it does have some zoo like features, but this park offers far more. To assist you in planning your day at this theme park, might we suggest you click on the guide to all the attractions. We have even compiled a few touring plan ideas which you may find helpful.

This theme park may be the most interesting park in Walt Disney World. This is the latest of Walt Disney World theme Parks. The layout and design differ from that Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom of Disney. The Tree of Life is in the middle of the lagoon, while countries like Africa, Asia, the Island of Discovery, Pandora – Avatar World and US DinoLand surround it like in a circle.

It is also full of live animals. The meandering paths lead to a zoo-like performance of exotic park animals, such as tigers and Sumatran gibbons that play in acrobatic scenes, while safari attractions transport passengers through a 110 acre expanse of giraffes, lions and elephants.

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Animal kingdom Schedule

Disney World Park’s opening hours change all through the year, but this theme park’s opening hours have changed significantly. In the past, the park was only open until sunset, but thanks to the new nightly schedule, the park changed so much that it closed at later time. Because there are so many animals native to this theme park, the night shifts and lighting are off. Expect a more pleasant and quieter sunset. The park opens on average at 9:00am and closes at 9:00pm or later at 10:00pm.

Guests of Disney World, select Orlando hotels that offer extra hours of magic will have access to the theme park on certain dates before closing or opening. You can also buy Disney tickets for events such as the magic of the morning or the Disney after Hours to get exclusive hours of Disney World’s Animal Kingdom parks, with more people and shorter waiting times. Purchase your Disney packages for a Disney Vacation including lodging at Orlando Hotels or Orlando vacation rental.

Things to do

It is one of the most intense rides Disney has ever made. The theme is to go to its research facility that does tours at the period of the dinosaurs. As you’re preparing to board the ride, the scientist tells you; He has reprogrammed the car rover’s settings to go back to the time immediately before the meteor hit.

The Circle of Life- Live on Stage
The show is located in a part of the garden of African and animates various elements of the film. The visitors are seated round the stage. Players come from distinct parts of the tent and passed directly by the visitors. This event has something for everyone; Singing, dancing, acrobatics, comedy and romance. If your children can watch movies, they can take on this program.

Expedition Everest
It’s a roller coaster with a surprise. As in many other Disney cabins, this is done upstairs. Guests enter the old train, which seems like its seen better day. As soon as the trip begins, you will see that something is wrong. Yeti signs are everywhere. Standing on the tail, you will be bombarded with evidence of a secret attack.

The Maharaja Jungle Trek
It is the right place to calm down and relax. This refers to winding road that has many areas to stop & many shaded areas. There are several animals on the road that can be located in Asia. The most interesting are tigers, gibbons, bats and bird cages with several different species of birds.

Find Nemo – Musical
If you’re having kids who are a fan of locating Nemo, you’re definitely ready for this event. Exactly like in the movies, only with soundtracks and dolls.

Kilimanjaro Safari
It refers to one of the best rides in history and the biggest trip around Disney. I am sure that the opinion leaders are contributing ideas for this trip, and then they should find a park for it. Like everything Disney did on this trip, this one also has a story. Guests are loaded onto a real truck that appears like a jeep safari. They will carry you to many places in Africa: forests, savannah and Nile.

The Kali River Rapids
A ride ideal for summer. It’s a traditional raft with your family. The great difference is that this ride consists of a reason. The journey begins far in the Kali rainforest having calm waters. This journey continues via the rainforest & increases speed, the water becomes rough.

Kilimanjaro Safaris: during the day: the Animals Kingdom flagship safari ride through a “natural” environment that exposes guests to various animals. This attraction was once a small storyline, but it was widely perceived as a lazy pretext.

Avatar Flight of Passage
Walt Disney World’s newest E-Ticket thrill ride, is like Soarin that uses steroids. The runners climb the Banshee crest and connect with the avatar that passes through Pandora to obtain a simulator experience much more “active” than its previous attractions.

Na’vi River Journey
Another attraction in Pandora, the world of Avatar is not very impressive nor is it exciting. Instead, the guests took a slow boat trip for a short boat ride through the bright environment, finding flora and fauna along the way.

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
Formerly Pangani, it is a wild nature walking trail, with gorillas (you guessed it) as highlights.

Expedition Everest
An Everest themed roller coaster that goes backwards and meets the Yeti. Everest is the most ambitious Disney roller coaster in terms of themes and details. Many effects on the Everest expedition are not working; the most famous of these effects was the Big Animatronics Audio “Disco” Yeti.

Kali River Rapids
Take a ride along the river through rainforests, ruins and deforested areas while retaining the message of conservation. Kali River Rapids has beautiful surroundings, but there is not enough substance on stage.

UP A Great Bird Adventure
Not as strong as Flight of Wonder, this has been replaced by a new event, UP! A great adventure with birds is very fun. Very strong when we watch meetings with birds separately, and this is the biggest part of the show.

Fast and crazy driving in time, which wanders through dark scenes with dinosaurs Audio Animatronics trying to catch some dinosaurs from extinction.

It’s Tough to Be a Bug
A 3D program about advertising the benefits of inspection with A Bug’s Life. This is a great example of how he uses the Disney characters to create educational videos (at least in part) that give the impression of pure entertainment.

Festival of the Lion King
Acrobats, singers and other players with vivid tribal costumes and costumes and a parade, which stands with the character of the Lion King and other creatures, create a scene inspired by King Raja in a lively theater.

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Are you on a trip to the park with toddlers? The following rides are suitable for children:

    • The Discovery Island
    • The DinoLand USA
    • Pandora – World of Avatar
    • Kilimanjaro Safari

Visiting the theme park while pregnant

The following rides are suitable for pregnant women.

    • Live entertainment
    • Rivers of Light Night-time show
    • The Train ride to the conservation station
    • Triceratop Spin
    • Animal viewing trails
    • The Festival of the Lion King
    • The UP! A Great Bird Adventure
    • Finding Nemo the Musical
    • It’s Tough being a bug 3D.
    • Na’vi River Journey in Pandora – Avatar of World


    1. Take more than just a Safari ride – Talking about Kilimanjaro Safaris: do not take this ride just once. This trip will take you from sunny Florida to the warm savannah of Africa. Each guide tells stories and jokes, and you can see several animals at different times. It’s great to start and end your visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, by going to this amazing up-close and personal African animals trek.
    2. How you see most of the animals in Disney Animal Kingdom – The animals that live in 110 hectares of oasis are usually dangerous: active at dawn and at dawn. Drive the Kilimanjaro Safari jeep for 18 minutes earlier or slower, not for lunch. Increase the probability that you see something about the pet store.
    3. Pandora is cooler at night – If you choose the World of Avatar, you can enjoy Pandora during the day, but it is much cooler at night, and not only does it mean that the temperature drops. Immediately the Pandora light comes on, the whole land will achieve a magical quality. If you visit in daytime, wait in line until you reach our favorite Easter flight avatar.
    4. The Tree of Life is full of secrets – In the tree of life, which is not a real tree, has some 320 animals sculpted (no secret!). Seeing images and lights from different angles can illuminate things differently from a new perspective. The tree comes to life after dark and lasts every 10 minutes until the park is closed. You have many opportunities to see.

On most days, theme park closes around 5:30 or 6 pm. Knowing this, we strongly recommend to visit the theme park in the middle of your Disney World vacation; by taking this advice, it gives you and your family a day to get to bed early and rest. This is especially important for parents of younger children. We need to remember most children get so worked up and excited about going to Disney World, they wear themselves out. Disney Animal Kingdom has a myriad of fine restaurants, but since the park closes early, you may choose to find dinner at a number of quality restaurants in the Disney Spring area.

Special Hint – The best time to visit the park is very early in the morning. This is when the animals are most active and this is also when they are being fed.

In order to help you be more knowledgeable about the theme parks, we have provided a list of  fun facts and an article about the theme park’s history. It is often fun to read this information before you go to the park.

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