Disney World has extended the booking period for the popular Free Dining promotion until December 1, 2011. While the time you have to book the program has been extended, the original dates remain the same; and are scattered throughout January, February and March 2012.

Remy from Ratatouille

Les Chefs de France is one of the restaurants included in the Dining Plan.

Is a Disney World free dining package right for you? The answer is “maybe”! When you book a Disney World vacation package with free dining, you will likely pay full price for your room. Since you have a package, you may end up spending all of your Orlando vacation time–and budget–on Disney property.

Go for free dining if:

  • You plan on spending all or most of your time on Disney property and enjoy the Disney restaurants.
  • You prefer to pay for things in advance and want to enjoy your vacation meals without worrying excessively about the budget.
  • You enjoy the disney restaurants and plan on taking time each day  to enjoy a table service — or several quick service meals.
  • The package price is less than you would spend by paying for things separately, including meals out of pocket.

Pass on free dining if:

  • You are looking for a bargain. The free dining plan is convenient and fun but not always the best deal.
  • You intend to visit other Orlando vacation destinations, like Sea World and Universal Orlando.
  • You want to stay at a non-Disney resort or vacation home.
  • You want to focus on rides and attractions, and prefer to grab meals on the go.

Choosing a dining package is just one aspect of your Disney World vacation. Consider all the details of your trip including where you want to stay, what attractions you most want to see and your own personal budget and preferences before you book.