As you begin your research into your upcoming Orlando vacation, you’ll have a lot of information to digest in a short amount of time. The great news is that we’re here to make it easy for you! If you have kids who want to meet some of the most popular characters at Disney World then you’ll likely hear about character meals. These can be expensive, but are they worth it? Let’s delve a little deeper and find out!

disney-world-character-mealsWhat are character meals?

Essentially, character meals are a meal where various beloved characters come around to greet you while you eat. The characters at each meal will vary based on the location you choose, but at each one there will be a photographer ready to snap photos of you and your family with the characters.

What kind of food is at character meals?

This varies by location. Some have buffets, some have prix fixe meals, some offer a limited menu you order off of, and some are served family style with large bowls and plates of dishes brought to your table to share. Some of the meals are worth the price alone, even without characters, and at other locations the focus is all on the interaction with the characters and the food is nothing to get excited about.

How much do character meals cost?

The prices vary per location and they also vary by the time of the year. For example, a meal at one spot will cost less during a non-peak time of year compared to the same meal during the busiest months. There are children’s prices available but remember that kids over 9 will have to pay the adult price.

Are character meals worth it?

There are a few ways to look at this. If your family is planning to have a sit-down meal and you’re also planning to meet one or more characters that can be found at a character meal, then it may be a no-brainer for you. You’ll get the chance to meet exactly who you want without waiting in lines that can be an hour or more long at the character meet and greet spots.


On the other hand, the price for the meal may be too expense for you. If you’re planning to bring your own lunch into the parks and eat dinner back at your vacation home or Orlando resort then it may not be worth $50+ per person just to skip the lines. Most families find that taking a break in the middle of the day is a great way to recharge, and a character meal is a great way to take that break. It’s all up to you, your budget, and your priorities when you visit the parks.