Today, more people are looking for ways to save money. We have been turned into VALUE shoppers. The same holds true for those looking to vacation in Orlando this year. There are Discount Disney Vacations and we will show you how to save the most money in doing Disney.

First of all, when planning a vacation to visit the Home of the Magic, everyone looks first for their choice of lodging. Since the downturn in the economy, most hotels have reduced their rates significantly. They have found, the only thing that is motivating potential guests to stay with them is a low rate.

Many of the hotels in the Disney World market area have reduced their rate so that they have been looking for ways to get some of their reductions back. Where Free Parking was always a given, many hotels today are starting to charge for parking. Others have instituted a Resort Fee which encompasses free internet connectivity in your room, state of the art fitness centers, free shuttle service to all theme parks, even FREE breakfast for the kids 12 and under, etc. The bottom line…what you may see in a low rate is not always what the outcome maybe.

Another way that hotels are able to pass low rates onto guests is allowing for certain trade associations, groups, and organizations participate in gaining significant discounts on published nightly rates. The best way for you to understand what I am referring to is to mention AARP or AAA . We all know these two groups among many offer substantial discounts on travel related products.

A new field has open for discounts. This has never been tapped before but is quite popular among travelers. Large corporations, universities and state and local government agencies have all found that offering discounts on a myriad of products enhances the relationship between the employer and employee. Let’s say you work for All State Insurance. You can go to their web site, and you will find a number of merchants, many of them travel related, who are offering substantial discounts strictly to employees of All State.

To acquire these corporate discounts, all an employee has to do is to log in on the company website, and they will be able to view all of the deals that are available to the associates.

By far the most expensive facet of a vacation to Orlando is the cost of the theme parks tickets. With all of the theme parks (Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios) offering daily rates just pennies shy of $90 a day, you can see a family of four can run through significant money in visiting the park even for one day.

Discounts on attraction tickets are available but you must search to find them.

If you are a resident of Florida, you will find that Disney World can be your best friend. They are presently offering Florida Residents discounts of as much as $20 a day on theme park tickets when you purchase them in bulk. In other words a resident of Georgia would pay $271 for a three day Disney World Park Hopper, where the citizens of Florida would only pay $160 for the exact same ticket. That is a savings of $111.Many guests are finding that even though they are coming to Orlando needing only two day tickets that the discounts on these three day tickets are far more attractive than any they have found elsewhere. Be aware, to enter the park on a Florida Resident ticket, you must have a Florida’s Drivers License.

If you are looking for Discount Disney vacations, you may want to purchase a larger number of days at an attraction rather than a one day to one park another to a separate park, etc. Let me explain…often times, guests visiting Orlando desire to experience it all. They want a one day ticket to SeaWorld, a one day ticket to Universal Studios and of course a one day ticket to Disney World. This is by far the most inefficient and expensive way to see the parks. The cost of such tickets would approximate $237. If one purchased a three day ticket to just Disney World he would only pay $218 saving obviously $19 per person before tax.

A two day pass to SeaWorld only costs $70.00 where a one-day pass costs $85 at the gate. As you can easily see….it pays to shop.

Universal Studios is getting tremendous crowds this year with the addition of the Harry Potter exhibit and rides. Where large discounts were available in the past, today many of these huge savings have been abolished. However, in doing a little search on, I found that a two day two park ticket is discounted $18 per person. A family of four can obviously save $72.

Many of the condos, town homes and private vacation pool homes offer another form of savings. You need to think about food costs. It is estimated that the average family of four will spend $170 a day in eating out…this is obviously for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A way to cut down on the costs is to rent accommodations that offer a full kitchen. Now, I understand that mom is not coming down here to slave over a stove….but purchasing some juice, cereal, a few eggs, bacon and sweet rolls the family will save upwards to $40 a day which is 24% of the weekly food budget.

With over Disney World hosting over one million visitors each and every week, Orlando is a popular destination indeed. Matter of fact two national publications stated Disney World and the related market attractions are the number one destination for a family vacation the last 10 years. With so many visitors, it is no doubt that if a person spends the time and energy, he will be able to produce a very nice Discount Disney Vacation.