Pros and Cons of a Standard, Executive, or Specific Home

More and more families are choosing to stay in vacation homes when they visit Walt Disney World and the other Orlando attractions because homes offer many advantages over hotels. Better yet, depending on the type of home you choose, the cost is comparable to a hotel.

There are two main types of vacation homes in the Orlando area: standard and executive. What are the differences, and which type is best for your family?
Standard vacation homes are the least expensive option, and they're still packed with amenities. The biggest advantage to these homes is the generous amount of space when compared to a hotel room. You get a whole house, with a separate living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, so everyone gets more room and the kids aren't always underfoot. They'll bicker among themselves less, too, because they're not forced to sleep together all in one room, and the home will have multiple TVs so everyone can choose what they want to see.

You'll have a full kitchen where you can cook meals to save a little extra money. This includes a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, coffee maker, and dishwasher. Standard vacation homes even have pots, pans, dishes, and utensils so you can easily cook and serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and there's a washer and dryer if you need to wash a load or two of clothes.

Standard vacation homes have private swimming pools, which is a huge advantage when traveling with kids. They love having their own place to swim any time they want. You can easily take a day off from the theme parks and let them swim and splash until they exhaust themselves.

The furnishings in a standard vacation home are adequate, but don't expect something fancy out of an interior design magazine. The furniture is basic and functional, are the appliances. The décor will be fine, but it won't wow you.

If you want that “wow” factor, opt for an executive vacation home. These are more upscale, with better quality furniture and carpeting and gourmet kitchens with upscale appliances. Not only will you feel at home, but you might just wish your own house was as fancy as your vacation lodging. Depending on the home, your pool might have an attached spa, and you might have other amenities like a private game room or home theater. The fixtures, decors, and even the TVs will all be top of the line.
You might think these upscale homes are out of your reach, but depending on the season, they're often only between $8 and $18 more per night. If you have young children or are traveling with multiple generations and plan to have some downtime during your trip, they make a great option. You'll have plenty to do, even if you take a day or two off from visiting attractions.

What about choosing a specific vacation home to rent? This option costs more, but you have the advantage of knowing exactly what amenities you're going to get. You'll know where your specific home is located, and, if it's an executive home, you'll have advance knowledge of its special features, like a spa, home theater system, pool table, game room, or whatever else it might have to offer.

Knowing the exact home you're renting in advance is a good idea if there are specific features or amenities that you absolutely must have, but the trade-off is paying more money and the chance that the specific home you want might not be available on the exact dates you choose.

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