Choosing an Orlando Hotel: What to Look For - Orlando VacationAs you look for the perfect Orlando hotel, you’ll quickly discover that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of options. One option to choose the right one is to close your eyes and pick one at random. There are better ways though – including considering the following factors that will help you narrow down Disney World hotels to choose the right one.

Location, location, location

First and foremost, you want to consider location. Does this mean that you need to be willing to pay $500+ a night just to be right across the pond from the Magic Kingdom? Of course not. What you do want is to find Kissimmee hotels that are within close driving range to the top attractions you’re interested in.

If you plan to spend most of your time at the Disney theme parks then you’ll likely want to stick to Disney World hotels. If you want to spend some of your time at Universal Studios Orlando and other local attractions, then you may find better-located Kissimmee hotels.

The amenities you need

No two families need identical amenities from an Orlando hotel. Some families like to come back to their hotel midday and take a swim and a break. Others like to stay in the theme parks from open to close. You can imagine that a family that spends their afternoons or evenings at their hotel will want a nice swimming pool and other amenities to enjoy.

On the other hand, the family that’s going to spend most of their time in the parks is likely to want amenities like shuttles to and from the parks and a continental breakfast to enjoy before they head to their favorite theme park in the morning.

The total price

As you look for the right Orlando hotel, you’ll of course take price into consideration. Keep in mind that the price you see advertised isn’t always the total price. Some resorts in the Disney area charge what they call “resort fees.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that the hotel in question is a resort, it just means that there’s an additional charge to stay each night.

The resort fee is charged to everyone who stays in that hotel and can range from just a few dollars per night to up to $85. When you’re considering your options, be sure that you’re taking any resort fees into consideration.

Cancelation policies

Some hotels require you to pay upfront and keep the entire balance if you have to cancel. Others don’t require any deposit and have no consequence if you cancel. If you’re traveling with a senior citizen or someone with health issues, then you’ll likely want to make sure you’re staying somewhere with a generous cancellation policy.