Fun Spot Orlando vs Kissimmee- Orlando Vacation Packages

Fun Spot: Orlando vs Kissimmee

Coming to Orlando on vacation usually means buying theme park tickets such as Disney World tickets, Universal Orlando tickets or SeaWorld Orlando tickets, however, there’s more to that. Fun Spot is a place where everyone can enjoy themselves with a unique theme park experience, nothing like the big parks. Since there are two Fun Spot parks in [...]

6 Day Itinerary for your Orlando Vacation

Arrival Day: Have dinner at T-Rex in Disney Springs Regardless of whether the family travels to Florida or flights, the day of your arrival has to be a discreet day when there are no crowds or waiting times. Start registering at your resort & take one hour or 2 to settle down and relax, if you stay more [...]

Disney Skyliner-Disney vacation packages

Disney Skyliner: What to expect?

The beginning of a new era in Disney vacation transport is approaching! On September 29, the Disney Skyliner gondola has officially begun, flying transporting guests through the Walt Disney World Resort. Each skyliner gondola will be decorated with Disney characters & the station will have a theme based on its location. This is a new [...]

When is the Best Time for Your Trip to Orlando?

It’s likely that you have a lot of questions about your upcoming trip to Orlando – and the first of those questions may be when the best time is to vacation in Orlando. There is no one-size fits all answer that will work for every family. However, there are some tips you can learn that can help ensure […]

How to Plan a Trip to Orlando Theme Parks

How to Plan a Trip to Orlando Theme Parks

A trip to Orlando, whether your first or fiftieth, is bound to be a ton of fun. However, getting everything together can feel challenging. There are many things to plan and following the right advice can make sure that your trip is as affordable and fun as possible. The following tips are designed as a step-by-step guide […]

10 Reasons to Visit Orlando This Summer

10 Reasons to Visit Orlando This Summer

It’s always a good time to visit Orlando but this summer there are even more things than usual to get excited about. So let’s get right to it: Read the top ten reasons we think this is the summer to plan a trip to Orlando.