Storm Troopers at Rise of the Resistance

How Do I Get A Boarding Pass for Rise of the Resistance?

Of all the forces Disney had joined, none can be so exciting as joining the Star Wars franchise. Their bringing to life something with such a dedicated following, and then expanding on that by giving us nerds something to truly geek out about like the lifesize Millennium Falcon, has truly sparked something that even the dark […]

Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness Day!

We’re grateful that today is a day designated for Autism Awareness, although we feel that autism should be celebrated year-round. Those who struggle with Autism Spectrum Disorder wrestle with social interaction, sensory processing, and communication. Currently, there are over four million autistic individuals around the world. Today also kicks off a month-long celebration and awareness […]

Best of Orlando Putt-putt Golf

Best of Orlando Putt-putt Golf 

Year-round sunshine, temperate winters, and idyllic scenery make Florida a haven for golf-lovers. It’s not so easy to do with a family in tow, which makes mini-golf a golden opportunity. Introduce the family to the peace and relaxation of putting an afternoon away on the green. While young ones may not be so keen on it, […]

Seniors Considering an Orlando Vacation Tips

Orlando is fun for people of all ages, from the littlest tots to senior citizens. If you’re considering taking an Orlando vacation, you may find that not everything was designed for your needs. The good news is that as long as you know how to get the best value and find attractions that work for […]

Tips for Traveling with Senior Citizens to Disney

If you want to take grandpa and/or grandma on your next vacation to Disney World there are some special factors to consider. The Points Guy recently posted a great article called 11 Tips for Traveling with Senior Citizens. There were some great tips in there, and our favorite five are listed below. Book non-stop flights […]

Grandkids at Walt Disney World

Disney World is for everyone – people of all ages and backgrounds! Either you’ve taken your kids there since they were young, or just visiting the parks for the first time ever. When you go with your grandkids, there’s always something exciting to explore. The American Association of Grandparents has a great list of the […]

Grandparents Guide to Resting in Disney Parks

You want to be involved in your trip to Disney World, and you don’t want to slow down the kids. But the fact remains: there’s a big difference between the level of energy in an adolescent and a senior citizen! We’ve found some great ways for you to take a rest without having to slow […]