7 Reasons to visit Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival in 2018

7 Reasons to visit Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival in 2018

There are many festivals held at Disney World each year but one of the best is Epcot Center’s International Flower & Garden Festival. Check out these seven reasons to visit it in 2018 and then come to us for your discounted vacation home rentals and Orlando hotels. 1. You can taste tons of delicious food […]

What’s New at SeaWorld Orlando

Each year, SeaWorld Orlando debuts some new rides, some new events and new activities. What’s new at Seaworld Orlando in 2017? Interacting with the Animals “Natural Encounters” rather than “Theatrical Shows” SeaWorld Orlando, and indeed all the SeaWorld parks, will be undergoing a “sea change,” as Shakespeare puts it. After decades of pressure from animal […]

What’s New at Disney World

Nothing every stays the same, and that includes the rides, shows and even the restaurants at Disney World. Some restaurants close and others open periodically. The same holds true for shows and events. That’s why it’s important for visitors to any theme park in Orlando to make sure they’re reading up-to-date info about the restaurants […]

What’s New at Universal Studios in 2017

Universal Studios recently unveiled a few new rides, which we’ll talk about here because they are still relatively new, and we’ll talk about some new rides and events that are going to open during 2017. First, some rides that have already opened, but may be new to you if you haven’t visited Universal Studios Orlando […]