Are Character Meals Worth It?

As you begin your research into your upcoming Orlando vacation, you’ll have a lot of information to digest in a short amount of time. The great news is that we’re here to make it easy for you! If you have kids who want to meet some of the most popular characters at Disney World then […]

How Many Days Do You Need in Orlando?

So it’s your first trip to Orlando. Congrats – you have a lot to look forward to! One of the most frequently asked questions by first time visitors is how many days they should plan to spend here. The answer isn’t quite as simple as you may think – it all depends on how you [...]

Deciding Between Disney & Universal

If it’s your first visit to the Orlando area, then it may come as quite a surprise just how many different theme parks there are to visit. Many don’t realize that Disney and Universal are completely separate parks that are not affiliated.

What’s the Difference Between Disney World and Universal Studios?

There are so many theme parks in the Orlando area that it can be understandably confusing to keep them straight and to decide which one to visit. While there are several smaller amusement parks, the two big ones are Disney World and Universal Studios.