All of the Orlando theme parks do their best to accommodate dietary restrictions but those with severe allergies or unique needs can’t always be accommodated. While the Disney World and Universal Orlando theme parks allow guests to bring in food and non-alcoholic drinks, SeaWorld Orlando has a much stricter policy that doesn’t allow for said outside food and drink. But what about those who have a medical need to bring their own eats? We set out to get the answers.

orlandovacation_seaworld-outside-foodThere are exceptions to the rule

If you have a medical reason for bringing your own food or drink, SeaWorld Orlando, and their sister park Busch Gardens, will allow you to bring in your own food. They require that coolers be soft-sided and no larger than 15” x 15”. Glass items are not allowed. Many guests have also said that food and drink in wheelchair bags is never questioned.

How to get your exception

It’s likely that if you show up to the parks with the food and drink you need and simply explain your situation at the gate, they’ll let you in. However, why risk the worry and deal with the hassle when you don’t have to? Instead, email Guest Information ahead of time. Simply explain your situation and get the clearance you need. Other guests have reported that Guest Information gives approval, specifies what can be brought in, and asks guests to bring a copy of the email to the gate to avoid any issues on the day of your visit.

Some items are always excluded

Note that just because some items are allowed that doesn’t mean you can bring absolutely anything you want. One common example is straws. These are potential choking hazards for the animals, and as a result SeaWorld doesn’t allow them in. Are there any exceptions for this exclusion? We don’t know for sure. If there is a reason that you must absolutely bring in a straw then you’ll want to email Guest Information with your specific straw situation. They may allow for the type of hard plastic straws that come with water bottles and wouldn’t pose the same choking hazard.

Preparation is the key

No matter what your special needs are, the best option is to email the park you hope to visit ahead of time to assure your needs can be met. Not only will give you the peace of mind to actually look forward to your trip instead of worrying about it, but it’ll clue you in to any special rules you may need to prepare for.