Universal Orlando Resort Announces The Quiet Room at Universal Studios: Here’s What it is

Universal Orlando Resort Announces The Quiet Room at Universal Studios: Here’s What it is

Universal Orlando Resort Announces The Quiet Room at Universal Studios: Here’s What it is

Orlando, Florida, is a beloved city for many because of its fantastic theme parks and remarkable attractions, and Universal Orlando Resort is one of them. It is a place full of memorable experiences, and people from all over the world place it in the top ten on their bucket lists. 

But with rising awareness, sensibility, and sensitivity, theme parks and tourist attractions have been taking measures to provide an unhindered experience to people with special needs. Universal Orlando Resort, too, is playing its part and has taken a commendable step in that direction in the form of "The Quiet Room."

Let us see what the quiet room is and how you can make the most of your experience there should you need to visit it. 

What is the Quiet Room at Universal Studios?

The quiet room at Universal Orlando Resort is a space that is specially designed for people and children with autism who might need a sensory break from the crowds, noise, and activity at the parks. This room has been developed in partnership with Universal's Creative and Guest Safety and Accessibility teams and is a welcome addition for guests with autism. 

The quiet room is open to all visitors regardless of their age and is located next to the Studio Audience Center. It is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there is no reservation system. 

Apart from providing a quiet space from all the activity, the room is equipped with tactile toys, focusing exercises, and an overall soothing color scheme to calm the senses. The room is sanitized between parties, and there's always a team member present to assist visitors when needed. 

What to do if There's A Queue at The Quiet Room?

If guests suffering from autism experience a long queue outside the quiet room and need help urgently, they will be invited to Health or Guest service to access calmer spaces within these offices. Unlike the quiet room, these are non-designated quiet spaces that can provide a quick sensory break for visitors with autism for a few minutes. 

How to Make the Best of the Quiet Room? 

Even though it is pretty easy to get access to the quiet room, what is even better if you are traveling with people suffering from autism is to always have a group of experienced professionals with you who can help you at a moment's notice.

Orlandovacation is an authorized Universal Orlando ticket seller with its very own autism center and certified autism travel professionals. These people are trained to react quickly and effectively when traveling with guests with special needs. Even before the quiet room opened up, we have always emphasized the health and wellbeing of our special needs guests, which is why we train our employees on how to care for them professionally. 

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