Here's one way to get a great view of Tomorrowland and at the same time enjoy a mild thrill ride. Guests sit in rocket-shaped cars and can control the up and down movements as they travel around in circles high above the Tomorrowland skyline.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Not recommended for young children.
ages 5-10 Some children are frightened by the heights and fast spinning.
ages 11-15 Pre-teens and teens generally like Astro Orbiter, but the attraction is fairly basic and not worth a long wait in line.
ages 16-adult Most adults could take or leave the Astro Orbiter, as it represents a typical ride found in many amusement parks.
senior citizens Not recommended for senior citizens.

Disney Tip

Astro Orbiter develops one of the slowest moving lines in the Magic Kingdom, due to it's low capacity. To avoid the bottleneck, visit before 10 a.m or in the last two hours the park is open.

Disney Facts

Strangely, this attraction is spelled Astro Orbitor (not Orbiter) in Disneyland.