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Universal Orlando on a Budget

Universal Studios Orlando on a Budget

Ways to Save On Your Orlando Vacation

Visiting Universal Studios Orlando is a great experience, but is not cheap. Theme park pricing can get quite expensive when navigating through options. Even items such as souvenirs, food, snacks, and beverages can be pricey, hopefully, we can show you areas where you can make some of your funds go a little farther during your Universal Studios vacation.

12 Money-saving tips for your Universal Studios Orlando Vacation

universal studios orlando meal deal

1. Take advantage of the Universal Meal Deal

The Meal Deal allows you to pay one price for unlimited dining at any of several counter service restaurants throughout the parks. You can get a Meal Deal for just one park or for a few dollars more, the Two Park Meal Deal. Also, add a sipper cup which allows free refills all day on fountain beverages. The Deal is well worth the investment for anyone and is a real blessing for those with larger appetites.

2. Look For Package Discounts to Save Money on Your Universal Studios vacation

By purchasing a discount Universal Studios vacation packages you will save money on your Universal Studios tickets and on your lodging. We are able to provide you the biggest discounts when you put the hotel and the tickets together as a package deal, and we pass these discounts to our customers. In addition, we will have the Universal Studios tickets waiting for you at your hotel on the day you arrive. The average customer saves around 14% more by buying Universal Studios packages.

3. Save On Orlando Hotels Reservations

Look at the Lake Buena Vista hotels for the greatest discounts. The Lake Buena Vista area is on the Northside of Walt Disney World and only about 10 minutes to Universal Studios. Since there are more hotels in the Lake Buena Vista area as compared to the Universal Studios, you can save as much as 60% on your lodging by simply driving a short 10 minutes every day. Most of the hotels in the Lake Buena Vista area provide free shuttle service to Universal Studios.

4. Splurge At Lunch

If you want to splurge on a table service meal, eat lunch rather than dinner. Lunch prices may run as late as 4 pm depending on the season and are generally around half the price of dinner. Also, consider sharing a meal. Portions are enormous, easily big enough for two.

5. Do Not buy Express Passes Unnecessarily

This paid program is a real blessing for those who have only one day or visit during extremely crowded times, as it allows you priority entrance at each major attraction once during the day. However, if you have a few days allotted or you visit during the slower season, Express Passes are generally not needed. Since each person in your party needs his or her own Express Pass, the cost savings of simply standing in lines can be significant. If you really want to experience the benefits of an Express Pass if you get it after 4 pm, you can purchase them for half price.

6. Put Off Your Souvenir Purchasing Until The Last Day

There are fabulous items for sale throughout both parks and CityWalk. Give yourself time to shop around and decide what you truly want in order to curb impulse spending.

7. Pack Appropriately

The weather in Orlando is ever-changing, and the theme parks make a killing selling logo ponchos, sweatshirts, and towels to guests who did not plan appropriately. If you purchase clothing items at Universal Orlando, it should be by choice, not because you’re suddenly drenched from an afternoon rain show. It is a good idea to always bring a poncho with you to the parks especially in the summertime. A rain shower can pop up out of nowhere. A few of the most popular rides at Islands of Adventure will get you completely soaked. It is a good idea to bring a backpack which has clothes that you can change into. There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking around the parks with wet clothes clinging to your body.

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snacking at universal studios orlando

8. Carry A Backpack Containing a Few Snacks And Drinks

Although it is still technically against the rules to bring in food, allowance is made for a small quantity of snack food. Make sure that you bring candy and other fun snacks, as there are vending machines strategically placed in queues and other central locations. The vending machines are extremely overpriced, so distract your kids with their favorite snacks instead.

9. Look For CityWalk Discounts

If you want table service dining at CityWalk’s legendary restaurants, look into special offers that may be in effect. Perhaps you can leave the kids with a sitter while you have Dinner and a Movie special date night. A variety of promotions are usually offered, so visit City Walk Universal Studios Guest Services for information.

10. Keep In Mind That CityWalk Is FREE To Enter

You pay only for the nightclubs. Therefore, it is easy to make a special evening out of simply strolling and shopping, perhaps having dinner on the outside patio of one of the less expensive eateries.

11. Save By Snacking

A nice alternative to the Meal Deal is the plethora of snack stands throughout the parks. An entire meal can be assembled by browsing the stands, often at significant price savings over purchasing a meal.

12. Enjoy The View

Keep yourself and the family distracted when walking through the parking garage and CityWalk. Brightly lit carts selling all manner of light-up toys and other goodies are everywhere. Remember that these items are impulse buys and generally not worth the investment. Try not to even stop, but just walk right on by.

Remember that this is your vacation, and you do not have to follow all these tips. In fact, we suggest you only follow the ones that fit your personality and that of your families. Relax, this is your vacation, a time to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, don’t bring more stress on yourself by trying to save every nickel, dime, and quarter. Don’t forget to purchase your discount Universal Studios tickets prior to coming on your vacation, this one tip could save you up to $20 a person. You can also save this much or more when purchasing Disney World tickets or SeaWorld tickets if you merge with your Orlando hotel or vacation home rentals.