Winning an award for your work is always a fantastic experience – winning the same award twice in three years is even better!

In 2013, the Orlando Awards program awarded us the Best of Orlando in the Travel Agencies & Bureaus category. We’ve just been informed that we won that award again for 2016.

Orlando Vacation best of the best 2016

Every year, the Orlando Award Program gives their “Best of Orlando” awards to selected businesses in various sectors that they feel have demonstrated exemplary customer service and which embody the best practices in their industry.

Here at Travel of Orlando, we’ve been a family run business for over 25 years. I learned a lot working alongside my father for so many years. He taught win customers over with low prices and win their business for life with outstanding customer service.

The success of our business is demonstrated in the numbers. In 2003 Affordable Travel brought 64,000 visitors to the Orlando area. In 2016, the number of visitors was over 200,000!

The reason for that success is simple. We aren’t really interested in being the “biggest” vacation company in the world – we are only interested in being the best vacation company in the world!  When clients contact us, they speak with a reservation specialist who lives in Orlando and knows the area intimately. That’s how we’re able to give such great service.

We’re so proud that the Orlando Award Program has recognized us as delivering the best of the best to our valued customers, and we intend to keep delivering the same great service to our clients for decades to come.