Part of making your entire vacation in Orlando a lot more fun and memorable is staying in a vacation home rental with excellent service and full of amenities and facilities. We are talking about the Windsor Palms Resort! One of the most popular vacation rental accommodations in Orlando, this community resort promises to make your vacation a day to remember.

Located in Kissimmee Florida, Windsor Palms Resort is a short-term rental resort community and long-term vacation home close to Disney World. Why should you choose to spend a week or so in this vacation home rental than hotels or condos in Orlando during your visit? Know our 9 essential reasons that will possibly make you agree! 

Reason #1: A great resort that won’t harm your wallet 

Compared to Orlando hotels, Windsor Palms Resort lets you enjoy its facilities and amenities without spending too many dollars. For $77/night, you can roam around and discover various magnificent Orlando attractions. Isn’t that great? It means if you choose to stay here, you and your family can save a lot but don’t make compromise an amazing Orlando experience. 

Reason #2: It is just three minutes away from the Walt Disney World 

If you don’t want to travel distances just to go to Walt Disney World, then this resort won’t disappoint. In only three minutes, you can drive easily to the Disney World’s entrance. This is especially beneficial for those with kids because convenience going to the theme park is guaranteed. With such short of a travel distance, you and your family can do a lot more things with the extra time.

Reason #3: Multiple layouts to choose from 

For instance, the 2-bedroom condo has over 1,000 square feet living space while the 3-bedroom condo has over 1,200 square feet. If you think this is not enough for your family or set of friends, then the 3-bath townhouse may be a better option. Thanks to Windsor Palm Resort’s wide array of layouts, you can choose just the right room to make you feel comfortable.

Reason #4: Modern amenities for you and your family 

Each of the townhome and condo you will find here is rich in amenities. From quick racing water slides to lazy rivers to pristine golf courses and fully equipped fitness center, there is something for you! With all the modern amenities that the resort has to offer, you and your family have everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay.

Reason 5: There is a room for everyone 

Two-bedroom villas or condos, more than 14 bedroom homes to bring your whole family or bunch of friends under one roof – name it! Do you have a preferred type of room? How about your friends or family? Whatever their room preference, Windsor Palms sure has them.

Reason #6: Also, many incredible amenities in the clubhouse 

Open round-the-clock; the clubhouse features a sundry shop, a full-service customer service desk, etc. Build with your comfort in mind, Windsor Palms Resorts’ clubhouse offers an impressive range of amenities and facilities to ensure you will have a great time staying at the resort. 

Reason #7: Secured facility 

Windsor Palms Resorts ensures you will not only enjoy your vacation but feel secure and safe as well. Thanks to its 24-hour security guard. Moreover, the resort ensures their security personnel is highly trained in spotting possible trouble. More importantly, they know how to mitigate security risks before it gets out of hand. 

Reason #8: The unit itself has various incredible amenities included 

The units themselves also boast incredible facilities that you will surely have fun with during your stay. Both the townhomes and condos have a fully-function kitchen that is complete with an oven and stove, full-sized fridge, dishwasher, and a microwave. A lot of amenities are also available! 

Reason #9: Endless entertainment options 

Enjoy numerous game rooms that have ping pong tables, pool tables, a movie theater, and so much more. When it comes to entertainment, Windsor Palms Resorts sure know what to offer you. Whether kids or adult, their entertainment options are on point.

So the next time you are planning to head to Orlando, never overlook what Windsor Palms Resort can offer to make each of your holiday vacation worthy. The experienced reservation personnel at Windsor are always ready to help you plan a memorable vacation that you will forever treasure.