No matter what time of year you’re planning to visit Orlando, what size or type of group you’re traveling with, or what your top priorities are, one thing will be certain: You’ll want to choose the best Orlando vacation home rentals. Whether you’ve been to Orlando 100 times or this will be your first trip, we have seven great tips to help you find the best choice for you and your group.

1. Make sure you choose an option that’s close to all the theme parks you’ll be visiting

There are a lot of theme parks in Orlando, and whether you plan to visit Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, LEGOLand, Universal Studios Orlando, and others, or you plan to just visit one park, you’ll want to start by focusing your search on Orlando vacation home rentals that are near the park you’ll be spending the most time in. Orlando is a fairly large city and if you end up traveling 45 minutes just to get the theme parks in the morning, you’re certainly not getting the best deal.

2. Get as many rooms as you need

One of the huge advantages of Orlando vacation home rentals is that you can get a home with as few as three bedrooms or as many as seven bedrooms. If you have a family of five, with two parents and three kids, then we recommend you get a five-bedroom home. It’s common for clients to want to save money by giving the kids one room to share, but the truth is that the difference between a four-bedroom home and a five-bedroom home isn’t as much as you’d think – and ensuring everyone has their own room can reduce a lot of hassle.

3. Look for Disney World packages that include tickets

If you’re a savvy shopper than you’ve already learned that it’s best not to buy Disney World tickets at the parks themselves. Instead, buy them in advance so you can make FastPass+ appointments and so that you’ll get the best possible deal. We also recommend choosing a Disney World package that comes with tickets included.

4. It’s all about the pool

When families stay in Orlando hotels, their final decision is often influenced by how good the pool is. No one wants to go to a tropical-like area and not be able to swim, yet too often Orlando hotels don’t have pools or have pools with limited access. The good news is that Orlando vacation home rentals generally come not only with a private swimming pool but with a private hot tub as well. This lets you swim whenever you’d like, as often as you’d like. They even have heaters so you can use them year-round!

5. Consider your upfront financial obligation

In some cases, you have to pay in full for your Orlando vacation home rentals. That may be fine if you already have your vacation fund in full, but if you’re booking for next year and won’t have the full amount until next year, then we suggest working with that requires just a $50 deposit to get your reservation. You don’t owe us the full amount until 30 days before you visit Orlando.

6. Look at the cancelation policy

We know you don’t want to think about scenarios that would require you to cancel your Disney vacation but unfortunately it does happen. You don’t want to be stuck with a vacation home that has a very inflexible cancelation policy and find that you have to pay for a home you can’t stay in. Of course, it’s reasonable to assume that you can’t cancel with no notice and receive a refund, but make sure that if you have to cancel two months in advance, you’re left with options.

7. Choose the amenities that are important to you

Every Orlando vacation home is going to have a kitchen but how equipped it is and how large it is will vary. If you’re planning to eat out most days, then this may not matter to you, but if you want to enjoy the convenience and cost-savings of eating at the home, then look for a home with a large kitchen. Likewise, how important are washers and dryers to you? If you need a high capacity washer for your large group, then look for an option that includes one.


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