7 Advantages of Booking Orlando Vacation Homes for Sports Groups

Taking sports group to Orlando is an exciting experience for anyone. As the person in charge of booking accommodations, you may be overwhelmed by options. The good news is that Orlando vacation home rentals are often the best option. Read on to learn seven reasons that they may be the best fit for renting Orlando Vacation Homes for Sports Groups

1. It’s more affordable than booking a block of Orlando hotel rooms

As you look to book accommodations for your sports group trip to Orlando, you’ll have two main options: Booking a block of rooms at an Orlando hotel or renting vacation homes in Orlando. If you choose vacation homes, you’re almost always going to be getting a lower price. Consider that each home has up to eight bedrooms. Compare that to maximum of four athletes per room at a hotel and it’s easy to see that vacation homes can offer the better value.

2. You have the perfect balance of privacy and oversight

When you’re traveling with a sports team, you want to keep your eyes on the kids. That said, you want them to have their privacy. If you choose a hotel, this will likely mean a chaperone checking up on the kids, but they’ll still be alone in a hotel room for hours at a time. On the other hand, Orlando vacation homes give them their own bedroom and their own space, but the chaperones can stay in the home with them.

3. You can cook meals in your vacation home’s kitchen

Paying for meals is one of the biggest expenses of any vacation. When it comes to feeding a sports team, who may have large appetites, the costs can be staggering. Once again, Orlando vacation homes can come to the rescue. With full chef’s kitchens, including stoves, full-sized refrigerators, pots, pans, and dishes, you can cook some or all of your meals together – and at significant savings.

4. You’ll have a private pool for your own use

You’d be hard pressed to find an Orlando hotel that didn’t have a pool. That said, the pools at resorts can come with a number of problems. First, a rambunctious group of athletes are likely to be loud and enthusiastic while swimming. This can be an aggravation to others at a hotel. In a private vacation home, you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone else. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about noises at the pool early in the morning while your athletes are trying to sleep.

5. You may have room to practice

Depending on the particular sports groups you’re brining to Orlando, you may find that you have enough room at a Vacation home to practice. Cheerleading groups, basketball teams, and others have all found plenty of room to go through their basic routines and exercises. Even if your team doesn’t need to practice, you can all come together over one large dining table, or by one private pool, or in one living room, to discuss strategy.

6. Who says you have to go to the parks every day?

Buying tickets for a large group to visit the theme parks can get very expensive very quickly. With an entire vacation home to yourselves, you can take a day off to swim, lounge around the pool, explore other activities in Orlando, or simply watch a movie together. For many groups spending more than a few days in Orlando, a day relaxing at their Orlando vacation home is a necessity.

7. You’ll be in close proximity of the theme parks, ESPN World Wide of Sports and more

No matter where your team is playing or performing, you’ll be close by. Orlando vacation homes offered by Orlandovacation.com are all within 15 minutes of the theme parks. You get the luxury of feeling close to everything there is to do, yet your home is far enough away from the hustle and bustle to feel like you’re on your own private island.

Sports teams visiting Orlando have a wide range of options in accommodations. Not all of them will find that Orlando vacation homes are the best options, but the seven reasons above are great reasons to at least consider staying in a private home.