Taking your sweetie on an anniversary trip to Disney World is sure to be a magical experience, but the excitement doesn’t have to wait for the day you travel. Check out these five unique ways to reveal the big surprise.

1.         Cook a delicious themed meal

Whether you’re already a gourmet cook who can simply incorporate a few Disney details into a charming spread, or you’re a novice who can’t do much more than open boxes and follow directions, preparing a meal is a great way to reveal the secret. Find some subtle homages to your favorite things at Disney World and see if your partner gets the hint. For example, you might recreate your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant, or you may do something as simple as arranging the plates in a Mickey shape.


2.         Create a scavenger hunt

This option can be as simple or as involved as you’d like! Perhaps you’ll simply get together a series of envelopes and hide them throughout the house, each with a hint that will lead your loved one to the next envelope. Or it could be a complex web that involves them traveling to numerous locations and even getting various friends and family members involved.

orlandovacation_custom-shirts-couples3.         Have custom shirts designed

If you’re the type of couple who likes to wear matching shirts when visiting Disney World, consider having shirts made to reveal your trip. They could say something like “Smith 10th Anniversary Trip.” You’ll love the look on your spouse’s face when they’re initially surprised and then it slowly sinks in – they’re going to Disney World!

4.         Wait until the day of your trip

Keeping a secret can seem impossible, but if you’re up for the challenge, consider not telling them until the day you leave. You might tell them you’re going on a weekend excursion somewhere else and surprise them at the airport, or maybe you don’t tell them anything at all! Pack a bag for them, hop in the car, and enjoy the look of shock on their face when you pull into the airport parking lot.

5.         Tell them with dessert

If you don’t want to create an entire meal, consider simply baking a cake and adding a message about your upcoming trip. You can also buy simple fortune cookie making kits that allow you to write your own fortunes. Enjoy take out from your favorite restaurant and then swap out their cookies with your own. Write a message like, “Get ready for the anniversary of a lifetime – we’re going to Disney World!”


No matter how you choose to relay the message, one thing is clear: you’re about to have a truly magical experience!